Introductions: “I’m Rug Burgundy?”

Welcome to the blog! We have all been confused by the tricky and often ambiguous “rules” of interior design. In addition to being your number one source for high quality rugs, PlushRugs will now be able to provide you with important interior design news, guides, and how-to’s. Of course, it won’t be all business. On our blog you will also find interesting posts about the world of rugs, the history and origin of rugs, zaney and goofy rugs on the market, and famous rugs you’ve always (or never) wondered about in film and in celebrity homes. You can find it all here.

Our goal is to provide you with quality information that will help you make the best interior design decisions possible. Do you need to know how to pick the correct size rug for a particular room? Do you need to know how to incorporate patterns in your rug with patterns on your furniture? Do you need to know what type of rug was in The Big Lebowski? Check out our blog and you’ll find the answers. If we happen to entertain you along the way, we’ll count that as a success.

We are always looking for new ways to help you in your quests for design. So, please leave a comment with questions or suggestions for future posts.

Thanks for reading!

~The Team

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