Top 10 Black & White Rug Ideas to Demand The Attention of a Room

There’s no better way to add a dramatic focal point to a room than a beautiful black-and-white area rug. Whatever your décor may be, here are ten different rug ideas to liven up any room.

1. Bold Elegance:


A sharply contrasted black-and-white damask print rug from the Modern Classics collection by Surya becomes a tasteful focal point for any room. Hand tufted in India using high-quality 100% New Zealand wool, with beautiful hand-carved details, this rug will be a classic centerpiece for countless years.  A bold rug like this complements almost any kind of design scheme and furnishings, and the look of the room can easily be changed by adding accessories in different colors and textures.
2. Trendy Shag:


No matter the length of the pile, if you want a comfortable, plush rug to curl up with your kids or pets or a good book, shag is the best way to go. Neutral yet lively black-and-white shag looks good in almost any room and is sure to draw envious remarks from anyone who sees it! The pictured Chandra rug, from the Cyrah collection, is a remarkable 5” shag, hand woven from New Zealand wool for maximum softness.


3. Classic Houndstooth:


Fashionable houndstooth creates a dramatic feel in any room!  Houndstooth rugs come in both large or small print, so it’s easy to find a rug that matches the look of your living space. They also, of course, come in differing pile heights. This Frontier rug by Surya is a fashionable flat weave rug, which has the added bonus of being reversible, made in India with 100% wool.


4. Literary Novelty:


To match the intellectual atmosphere of your den, library, or office in a charming manner, use a area rug featuring letters and numbers, such as this luxurious hand-tufted New Zealand wool rug from the Lies collection by Surya. With its unique letters and numbers design, and soft, plush surface, the kids might make it their new hangout spot! (Edit: This rug is no longer available. Email us to help you find the perfect rug for your office space!)

5. City Skyline:


Sophisticated and stylish, this black and white contemporary cityscape Momeni rug from the Lil Mo Hipster collection is a great complement to all worldly possessions. This hand-tufted rug is also available as a 5’ round rug, or with the colors reversed for a black outline on an ivory background.

6. Contemporary Floral:


A large, contemporary floral print rug brings an instant and eye-catching freshness to a room, be it a living room, dining room, or bedroom. Floral print area rugs, such as this Amaryllis from NuLoom’s Cine collection, give a welcoming feel, and in black and white it’s extremely dramatic and modern. As a synthetic fiber, it’s also easy to clean if needed, so it’s versatile for use in almost any room. (Edit: This rug is no longer available. But, check out this black rug from Surya instead!)

7. Unstructured Stripes:


Stripes are always in good taste, and there are many different types of striped area rugs to suit the feel of your room. Indistinct stripes such as the ones on this Surya rug in the Nuage collection, bring a very updated feel to classic striped rug style. The stripes on rugs also come in all sizes, from wide to thin, and you can change the look by buying a different shape of rug (round, square, etc.) to make a seamless match for the look you strive for in your home. (Edit: This rug is no longer available. Try this one!)

8. Asian Inspired:


Decorating with Asian-inspired style has been popular for decades. A basic black and white rug like this rug from the Koi collection by Momeni serves as an elegant and dramatic backdrop for the bright reds and greens that are so prevalent in Far East culture, as well as the related decor. Its classic style is made in China with hand tufted 100% wool.

9. Perfect Pixels:ess7688-58

A comfortable pixelated rug is a flawless match for an office or game room! This rug is part of Surya’s Essence collection and can also come as a round rug. Hand tufted in India with a New Zealand wool, it’s smart design and novelty are a great complement for the living space of the tech-savvy! (Edit: This rug is no longer in stock.)


10. Everything Animal:


A rectangular, zebra-print area rug pulls any room together in a fun, fashionable way, and can be the basis for many different decorating themes. Bring the safari feel home! Relax on the luxurious hand-tufted wool in this Surya rug from the Goa collection. This rug also comes in trendy other colors, such as light blue and terragon yellow.


For a slightly different look, a shag rug in a zebra print is both comfortable and stylish. This Safari Zebra rug from Infinity Home Source has almost an inch-long shag.


For the conscientious animal-lover, St. Croix’s faux Zebra hide rug is both a fun and animal-safe way to go. Animal hide rugs look impeccable in a den or in front of a fireplace, and are fun for all ages. This zebra rug matches our black-and-white theme, but the Safari collection also comes in a tiger or leopard hide.


Cowhide rugs are among the most furry and novel rugs available. Many themed rooms look excellent when accentuated with a soft cowhide rug. This Duke rug by Surya, made in Argentina with 100% leather, will definitely get noticed!


Patchwork leather and hide rugs offer an even more elegant and earthy look than the other animal print rugs above. Great in a den, hearth room, or “man cave”, leather rugs of all types are available in many prints and styles to give you the look you desire, and are very durable too. This Studio Leather rug by Safavieh has a nice half-inch pile height and is made in India with hand woven leather. Great details like the zigzag stitching make this rug special.

Remember, black and white rugs will match almost any color scheme your heart desires, so they are very versatile (not to mention, black hides dirt with the best of them!), as well as being very trendy. Check back often to see which new black and white rugs we have available on!

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  1. Bold elegance is so beautiful. It brighten up the room so high. Really liked all the rugs. The Black and white concept is too much comfy to me.

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