I Can’t Believe It’s Not Poaching

Cow hide rugs and fur floor coverings are making a major comeback in the interior design world. The rustic look and unique textures of these rugs are a favorite among interior designers. Van Pelt Industries is taking that trend one step further with their new Endangered Accents collection of area rugs. Sheep wool does not harm any animals, but is it really the best fiber out there? Cowhide rugs are also considered to be an acceptable use of animal skin, but the hair can be course and not very soft underfoot. Through extensive research and years of experimentation, Van Pelt industries has created a unique collection of rugs that uses a blend of natural and synthetic fibers to simulate the fur of various endangered species. Do you want the ultra-plush feel of a panda fur rugs but social stigma is getting you down? Do you want the tender yet durable pile of a baby elephant hide rug to go along with your elephant foot ottoman but “international regulations” are getting in the way? Go over to PlushRugs.com to check out the 4 new and interesting rug styles of the Endangered Accents collection.

The flag ship rug of the Endangered Accents collection is their Panda rug (VPI-451). The Expert researchers and designers at Van Pelt Industries have created a rug that gives you all the great comfort and style of a well-poached panda without having to travel all the way to China to get it yourself. Who can afford that, am I right?


The next exciting and eye-catching rug style in this collection is their Saber Tooth Tiger rug (VPI-452). Based on state of the art paleontological research, they have recreated the look and feel of this long extinct big cat that you may not have had the opportunity to poach yourself.


Perhaps the most interesting rug in the Endangered Accents collection is the Baby Elephant rug (VPI-453). Mimicking the soft supple skin of an elephant calf, these durable rugs are designed to give you every benefit of killing a baby elephant without having to fight off that baby’s 8,000 pound mother.


Last but certainly not least is the perhaps the “most dangerous rug.” Many people have dreamed of owning a Human Skin rug (VPI-454) from the moment they read Richard Connell’s short story The Most Dangerous Game. But let’s face it, despite all the great qualities human skin might have, it just is not feasible in this day and age to just go out and procure your own. I mean, imagine the costs of tanning and preserving. It gets especially pricey when you take into consideration all the hush money you’ll have to give to the taxidermist helping you treat the hide. This fleshy rug is sure to be a fashion-forward focal point and conversation starter in any room you put it in.

chrissy rug2

Not everyone can afford expensive poaching trips around the world, so be sure to share this post with your friends so they too can experience the pride and satisfaction that goes along with poaching. Swing over to PlushRugs.com now to see this unique and stylish collection of rugs from Van Pelt Industries today.


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