Spring Decorating Tips: Easter Décor That Will Last the Whole Season!

Spring is in the air! And I’m talking about more than allergens. It’s warming up, flowers are beginning to bloom and Easter is one week from today!  Many people will spend hours in the next week decorating and cooking for this special time spent with family and friends.  Rather than decorate with the thematic plastic eggs, fake grass and paper bunnies that will be taken down the day after Easter, this post will present some decorating options that will last through the end of spring.


While bright colors are a great way to spruce up your home, you don’t need to overdo it.  If you don’t have the time or resources to paint the walls of your home for spring (like in the photo above), there are many ways to brighten your home by bringing bright and interesting accent pieces into the room.


Adding simple, colorful items to your décor will brighten the atmosphere of a room.


Eggs are the conventional ornamenting component for most Easter themed décor. But there are many ways to use eggs in your home throughout the rest of the season that are not reminiscent of the brightly colored, candy-filled eggs that dot your lawn one Sunday a year.


Consider the painted wooden eggs above.  These humorous pieces would hardly be mistaken for typical Easter eggs and can be used in a variety of design schemes.


The best thing you can bring into your living space that freshens the area and even embodies the essence of spring is greenery. Plants or picked flowers can open a room up; not only with the bright colors and lush foliage but with their fragrances as well.  Easter lilies are a go-to choice for the holiday but feel free to play with any flowers that accent your current décor.


One great DIY project that brings flowers into your home is an umbrella bouquet.  These can be used around the home and even hung on your door as an unconventional wreath.  The flowers can be real or silk.  If you enjoy DIY projects, you could even take the aged flowers and turn them into potpourri later.


Along these same lines, decorations with flower print such as tablecloths and rugs will add a refreshing splash of color and design.  These textiles can be easily swapped out with others for different seasons. In addition to changing your décor, another advantage to swapping out these pieces is that they will last longer as they take less wear.  More bright, floral rugs can be found here.


One place in your home that you can easily add a decorative flare is the dining table. Seasonal centerpieces can accentuate the other decorations you have brought into the home.


You might also want to consider making your centerpieces the very dishes you will serve. All kinds of delicious treats can be transformed into seasonal decorations.


Even a bowl of bright apples or a jar of jelly beans left on a coffee table can be a great, colorful accent for a room.


Spring is a busy time of year and for the practical person who wants to get the most out of their décor, it is important that your Easter decorations last throughout the season. Take these ideas home and feel free to mix and match these techniques for whatever works best in your home.  Remember that you don’t have to bend over backwards to redress your home if you use great accent pieces.

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