20 Trendy Tips to Get More Use Out of an Old Rug

20 Trendy Tips To Get More Use Out Of An Old Rug

So you’re on PlushRugs.com and you’re ordering new rugs, and you come to the realization that you will have to do something with the old rugs you are replacing. It seems a shame to just throw them away. But what could you possibly use them for?  We have put together some truly creative tips to get more life from your old rug. As you consider these ideas, keep in mind that the construction and material of certain rugs will work better with some ideas than others!

1. Re-Paint or Re-Dye 1

Painting an old rug can be a great way to get new life out of an outdated or worn rug. Dying may also be a viable option. Employ the use of painters tape or stencils to create geometric, floral, or other eye-catching patterns. See picture above, courtesy of mommy-chic.blogspot.com.

To get the paint or dye to last the longest, clean the rug the best you can beforehand, and let it dry completely before starting. Painting a rug will probably work best if your rug is made of natural fibers, or has a looped texture. Trendy tip: Hand-paint your rectangular rug with a cool theme like a Twister board, old-school Nintendo controller, a SpongeBob face, etc.

2. Move To The Wall Wall Hanging Rugs

Another option is to hang it on the wall. This is especially great if your rug is still in good condition and has an interesting pattern. This idea stems from the Middle Ages when people hung tapestries on the walls for better insulation. And many people describe rugs as “art for your floor,” so why not use it on your wall as well? Practical tip: To prevent sagging, consider framing the rug, hanging it from a rod, or mounting it using strong Velcro or a foam-core mount.

3. Outdoor Comfort Bimini from Bimini by Kaleen

If you have an outdoor space that could use a little comfort or color, consider moving your old rug outside.

You could always use the rug as flooring in a tree-house. A rug could help any add a fine finishing touch to any treehouse. It could also help keep the area a little warmer by providing a bit of insulation. Cozy tip: add pillows or poufs as well for extra comfort!

4. Cool Cutouts MOSEMA33B_room1

Cut out parts of the rug for a new look. It looks especially neat when the rug has a border that is cut out into an interesting pattern (see pictures of NuLoom’s fuchsia Clarity rug from the Modella collection for inspiration.) This can look extremely good when the surface of the rug is painted or stenciled on top and the cutouts are a part of or complement to the cutouts. Pencil in the pattern you would like to cut out before starting to cut and use your precision cutting tool of choice to remove those areas. Easy tip: If your rug is a dark color or has a high pile, you can trace the pattern onto the back of the rug and cut from the back of the rug instead of the front.

5. Old Rug: New Chair



For an interesting look, re-upholster a chair with a rug! Many different colors, patterns and textures would be great for all different types of chairs.

Neat tip: use a rug to upholster dining room chairs that match the rug beneath the table! This would be particularly cool with a shag rug, or perhaps a nice Southwestern print.

6. Pinning In Style.

Pinboard Pixabay

Bulletin board looking blah? Instead of covering it with fabric, use a piece of your rug to cover it. This idea also works nicely with rug samples you no longer need to use. Fashion meets function! Practical tip: Be sure the rug supports the push-pins or thumbtacks you will be using on the board! A rug with a thin pile will work best for this idea.

7. Put The Pieces Together.

I'm Puzzled from Kids Court by Orian (2)

Another potential use is to cut the rug into puzzle pieces for the kids. What a novel way to make an old rug entertaining for the kids. Fun tip: before cutting into the puzzle pieces, paint the rug with cute animals, alphabet or numbers, or a kid-friendly scene; or cut the rug into pieces first and paint each a different color (see rug above for an idea.)

8. Don’t Get Bored With Your Headboard 7

Make a neat, new headboard! Fabric headboards have been very fashionable recently, so why not use a rug? It could even match a rug elsewhere in the bedroom. Or, if your rug is very large, get creative and have the rug on the floor and continue up the wall as well to frame your bed entirely!

Eye-catching tip: Break up the flatness of the headboard with metal studs, a decorative mirror hung securely in the center, an interesting sewn pattern, etc.

9. Bejeweling. 8

Add pizazz to your rug by adding crafty new features. Try sewing on pompoms, beads, crystals, shoestrings, sequins, fabric flowers, or whatever your heart desires.

Design tip: make these additions part of the existing design of the rug, or first paint the rug with a neat pattern and then add them!

10. Front Door Décor. 9

Cut into a welcome mat for your front door! An indoor-outdoor rug would be perfect for this, but as the rug will be outside the rug could be of any material. Welcoming tip: if possible, paint the rug beforehand; then use a stencil to paint a welcoming message on it!

11. Doggy Decorating.


Cut your rug into pieces that fit your dog bed so you can use it as a protective (and comfortable) cover.

12. In The Dog House

Dog on a rug


An old rug can go a long way in a doghouse. You can use it on the floor for your furry friend to add an extra bit of comfort and warmth to their outdoor abode. If they already have a padding option, an old rug can be used on the walls for insulation. If you have some material left over, another option is to use an old rug as a rain flap over the door.

13. Mat For The Cat

Cat Litter Mat

Protect the floor beneath the cat litter box and help prevent litter stuck in the cat’s paws from being tracked through the house, use an old rug underneath. By cutting a larger rug into pieces, this idea is also useful beneath the dog or cat food and water bowls to help protect the floor beneath from water and spills.

14. A Mobile Rug

Sunglasses car keys

Keeping an old rug in the trunk of your car has many practical uses. What better way to keep the trunk clean when you need to put dirty items inside?  A rug can also be laid down for added traction when stuck in snow and ice.  Also, how about keeping it in the trunk to use as a picnic blanket or at the drive-in?

15. Don’t Door Ding.


Hang the rug with clips or hooks on the garage wall to prevent door dings on your car door. If it’s large enough, it can also be taken down if you need to use it to work beneath your car!

16. Protecting Your Work Area.

Work area carpet

Use an old rug to wrap the top of a workbench or a garden bench that that when you lay tools or hardware on it they don’t roll away. It can also be laid beside a bench to help prevent breakage in case things get dropped.

17. Get Your Garden On

Garden rug

Use the rug as a walkway through your garden (which has the added bonus of keeping weeds from growing in that area), or use it as a kneeling pad when working in the garden.

18. Recycle Your Rug! 13

Recycle. If it isn’t in a condition for you or anyone else to re-purpose your old rug, you can always give the rug to a recycling center. It is estimated that 5 billion pounds of old rugs and carpet go to landfill every year and that it takes up about 2% of the total solid waste in landfills. Recycling centers exist in many regions, and it should be easy for you to research their locations and procedures. They can recycle your rug into a waste-to-energy program, or process it into new products.

19. Pass It On

Sell your old rug

Sell your rugs at a garage sale so others can re-purpose it, even if it is worn or dirty. They may want to re-purpose it using one of the ideas above! If you don’t have room to hold a garage sale, you can put it on Craigslist!

20. The Do-Gooder!

Donate old rug

Donate your rug to an animal shelter or other non-profit entity. Animal shelters are usually looking for anything they can use to line the bottom of cat or dog cages.


Have you re-purposed an old rug already? Tell us about it in the comments below!




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