20 Trendy Tips to Get More Use Out of an Old Rug

20 Trendy Tips To Get More Use Out Of An Old Rug

So you’re on PlushRugs.com, ordering new rugs, and you come to the realization that you will have to do something with the old rug you’re replacing. In a world of endless up-cycling possibilities, it would be a shame to toss out your old rugs. Instead, with a few steps, you could transform your old rug into something completely new.

Here are twenty trendy tips to get more use out of an old rug so that you don’t cause unnecessary waste. In addition to these creative up-cycling ideas, you’ll also find ideas for repurposing your rug for something useful. Some of these tricks may not work for every rug, as the materials vary from rug to rug. While you wait for your new rugs to arrive, roll up your sleeves and give these fun ideas a try!

20. Move Your Rug To The WallWall Hanging Rugs

Have an empty spot on your wall? Certain rugs, particularly ones with beautiful patterns and a variety of colors, will look right at home on a large, blank wall. Make a regal statement in your entryway with a hanging traditional rug, or hang a warm and colorful rug in the guest room to make it cozier and more inviting. Make sure this rug is in good condition and is thoroughly cleaned.

In the Middle Ages, people actually hung rugs on the walls for better insulation. Today, it just happens to be a popular decor trend.

Practical tip: To prevent sagging, consider framing the rug, hanging it from a rod, or mounting it using strong Velcro or a foam-core mount.

19. Move Your Rug OutsideBimini from Bimini by Kaleen

When decorating your outdoor space, you may not think to use rugs outside. This styling tip provides more comfort in outdoor seating and lounge areas, and it instantly elevates your outdoor space. Use one of your old rugs by outdoor sofas or near the back door. You can also place an old rug in a treehouse to create more comfort and even some extra insulation. Be sure to add pillows and poufs to match your rug.

18. Old Rug: New Chair


Transform your living area by reupholstering a chair with your old rug! You can enjoy your new rug and a new chair without generating any waste—it’s a win-win! Southwestern prints look fantastic on living room chairs for a warm, adobe feel. If you have a neutral rug or a rug with only one color, you could reupholster dining room chairs to match your new rug underneath the dining table.

17. Create A Puzzle For Kids

I'm Puzzled from Kids Court by Orian (2)

If you have kids and want to upcycle an old rug, turn that rug into a room-size puzzle for kids. What a novel way to make an old rug entertaining! Try painting objects, animals, or numbers on the rug first to make it more enticing to your little ones. Use paint or a strong marker to trace the puzzle pieces on your own, or with stencils. You can always cut the rug first, and then color each puzzle piece a different color. The fun possibilities are endless!

16. Redo Your Headboard7

Sick and tired of your bedroom looking bland? Wish you had a more decorative headboard? Apply your old rug to your headboard for a bedroom makeover. Use metal studs to secure the rug and make the headboard look more upscale. If you don’t have a headboard, you can hang the rug on the wall behind the bed, or buy a cheap headboard and put the rug on top.

15. DIY Doormat9

Cut your rug into the perfect size for a doormat in front of your house. That large indoor-outdoor rug that you’re growing tired of will be perfect for this, but really any rug will do. Use a stencil to write a welcoming phrase on your mat, like hello.

14. Doggy Decorating


Dog-lovers, this one’s for you. If you want to give your furry friend the absolute best, cover your pup’s doggy bed with an old rug for a refreshed look and feel. This transforms any dingy dog bed, but, most importantly, this rug will also be extra soft for your dog.

13. In The Dog House

Dog on a rug

Speaking of dogs, your old rugs will make a great renovation for your pet’s doghouse. Cover the surface for a softer space, or apply the rug to the walls of the dog house for insulation and warmth.

12. A Comfy Kennel

Dog on carpet

We really do believe dogs deserve the best, so why not make your pup’s kennel cozier too? Use a leftover rug to line the bottom of your dog’s kennel, and your beloved pet will be living in luxury.

11. Mat For The Cat

Cat Litter Mat

We can’t forget about the cats! Litter boxes can be quite messy. You don’t want litter tracked throughout your house, and you definitely don’t want to damage the floor underneath the litter box. Use an old rug to keep the floor clean and protected but also to catch litter before it makes its way further into the house.

10. Under Pet Bowls

dog cat food bowl pets

If you have pets, your old rug up-cycling needs can be covered with all of these ideas for cats and dogs. In order to keep the floors clean and prevent spilling water and food onto the floor, cut an old rug to place underneath your pets’ food and water bowls.

9. A Rug For Your Trunk

Car Trunk


Feeling guilty about the dirt in your trunk? Keep your car clean by placing an old rug in the trunk to catch dirt and keep your car from getting damaged. You can take the rug out and shake leaves and dirt off whenever you need to, and you don’t have to fret the next time you put wet towels and dirty shoes into the trunk.

If you’ve misplaced your weather mats, you could also use some old rug materials to keep under your feet during the rainy season.

8. Protecting Your Work Area.

Work area carpet

Cover the surface of your workbench or garden bench with an old rug to prevent tools or other hardware from rolling away. The soft surface will also protect the layer underneath from nail damage and any other mishaps. Keep an old rug underneath your feet to prevent any fallen items from breaking, but also to give your feet some cushion while you work.

7. Coaster Cut-Outs

Rug coasters

Turn your old rug into coasters for drinks and entertaining! If you have a favorite sports team, cut the coaster into the shape of the logo or simply turn them into squares or circles. This is an easy DIY idea that is highly functional too!

You can also do this with a mousepad by cutting a small square. You can even sew or stitch on tassels or fringe for an office upgrade!

6. Protect Your Plants

Green potted plants

Whether your houseplants are in pots or baskets, you never know when you might accidentally water them too much and allow water to seep onto the floor. It is always a good idea to protect the floor underneath any plant. Cut out shapes from your old rugs to fit directly under the pots in your home.

5. Cover Your Closets

Closet with trunk

Line your closets to protect the floors, keep your closets clean, and easily track dirt. This is particularly helpful for closets that are home to shoes which always track in dirt and dust. This trick is also useful for closets with cleaning products and outdoor items, such as gardening supplies.

4. Old Rug: New Bath Mat

Black rocks

Get your glue gun out and get crafty with this incredible DIY trick. Buy some beautiful stones—think spa decor—and glue the stones to your old rug for an entirely new bath mat that will massage your feet and turn your bath into a spa experience.

3. Recycle Your Rug!13

Whatever you do, don’t toss your rug in the trash. Recycle it instead. If your rug isn’t in a good enough condition to give to someone else, find a recycling facility. It is estimated that 5 billion pounds of old rugs and carpet go to landfills every year and that it takes up about 2% of the total solid waste in landfills.

2. Sell Your Rug

Sell your old rug

You can always have a garage sale and sell any of your old rugs, just be sure to deep clean them first. Craigslist is another great option if you want to get some money out of your rugs.

1. Donate Your Rug

Donate old rug

Find a local nonprofit, ministry, or animal shelter to donate your used rug. Homeless shelters will welcome them, and animal shelters are always looking for items to line the bottom of cages. Put your old rug to good use and help someone (or an animal) out.

Have you re-purposed an old rug already? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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