How To Select the Ideal Rug Size For Your Home

When selecting a rug for the home, people tend to put most of their focus into the color and design of the rug they are looking for. While these things are very important to interior decorating, and do deserve a lot of attention, the way in which the rug will fit into the space can make or break even the most beautiful and elegant rug design. Whether you are buying a rug for a small space like a mudroom or a larger space like a living room or bed room, knowing how to properly size a rug within a room can enhance the space just as much as finding the perfect color.


The first step to finding the right rug size for the room size is (not surprisingly) identifying the size of the room you are placing it in. Small rooms require different considerations in both size and design than larger rooms require. Define the length and width of the room with measuring tape. Eyeballing it or counting paces is likely to give you inaccurate measurements that will lead to your room looking either cluttered by a rug that is a little too large or empty by a rug that is a little too small.


You then want to take the measured dimensions and subtract 18”-24” from both the width and length. Your rug should cover most of the space but not all of it. Leaving a boarder of exposed floor will give better definition and design to the space. For a 5’ X 7’ room you should purchase a 3’ X 5’ rug; for a 10’ X 12’ room you should purchase an 8’ X 10’ rug; for a 14’ X 17’ room you should purchase a 12’ X 15’ rug. Adding a large rug to space can make the space appear bigger so long as a border is left between the wall and the rug.


If you do not want the rug to fill up the entire room, but rather want it to be an accenting piece for your furniture. If you are using a 5’ X 8’ rug in your living room, it is most commonly placed under a coffee table with all of the furniture placed just off of the rug. Larger 8’ X 10’ rugs usually require that the furniture be partially or totally placed on the rug. When sizing a rug for a bedroom, there are two approaches. The first approach involves multiple rugs with one rug placed horizontally at the foot of the bed and multiple runners connecting to it and covering the space on either side of the bed. The second approach requires one large rug that will be placed horizontally under the bed so that it is exposed at the foot and sides of the bed.


With these tips, you can now combine design and proportion to enhance any space from living rooms to bedrooms. As long as you stick to these basic tenants, you can totally change a space with minimal work, add a focal point to an otherwise bland space, or make your home appear larger. And now you know how to pick the right size rug for your space.


Be sure to take a look at the infographic created using these tips here!

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