Plushy Awards: Top 50 Home Decor Blogs

Now-a-days you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to put together a great looking space. There are countless resources out there to inspire you, guide you, and help you realize your home’s potential. You can improve your home with a new furniture piece or with a shag rug in a bright color like orange.

We have compiled a list of our favorite home decorating blogs to read and follow. Some are specific to interior design, some are home renovation blogs, some focus on Do-It-Yourself guides, some are there to fill your head with great inspiration, and others write about the goings-on in their lives to help you realize what you want to happen in yours.

It was hard enough to whittle down all the blogs we follow to a list of 50, trying to rank them further would have been next to impossible.  So in no particular order, here are our top 50 favorite home decor blogs. Check them out and let the inspiration begin.


Interior Design – Blogs that focus on interior design and home decorating.


My Paradissi header

My Paradissi –
This blog is produced by Elani, a freelance architect and interior designer who lives in Keraklion, Crete. She shows off bright and vibrant interiors with awesome photography. I particularly like it when she throws in photos of her Mediterranean surroundings. Whether she is showing off rooms that she has personally designed or rooms from other designers, there is always a plethora of inspiration to be had at this awesome blog.


glamourai header

The Glamourai –
The Glamourai blog has great ideas for just about everything. This blog features four main sections; Fashion, Beauty, Outfits, and Home Décor. The Home Décor section features modern, fashion-forward interiors that have an eclectic blend of patterns, textures, colors, and styles. You will get lost looking through all the photos of beautiful spaces.


coco and kelly header

Coco & Kelley –
Founded by Cassandra Lavalle, Coco & Kelly is a fun and interesting blog that shares beautiful interiors, fashionable designs, intriguing color palettes, and brilliant table-top designs. Her background in marketing, event design, and visual merchandising serve to create a blog that can help you to better design your home.


michaela noelle header

Michaela Noelle Designs –
Interior design runs in Michaela Noelle’s blood. Her interest in interior design came from her Grandmother who was also an interior designer. Michaela fills her blog with images from her personal design projects and inspiring images from other projects as well. She sprinkles in adventures and events from her life throughout the blog, which makes this inspiring blog very intimate as well.


designer pad header

The Designer Pad –
Eduardo is a fashion designer turned interior designer from Venezuela. He lives in New York City and uses his blog to help people see spaces in novel ways. The modern design style that he uses employs clean lines and minimalism. His goal is to reflect the home owners’ individuality and personality with fashion-forward interiors. His blog is an outlet for sharing his design ideas and creative process.


space sculpt

Space Sculpt -
Space Sculpt is an interior design firm that also runs a great interior design blog that is chock full of inspiring photography, trends in the industry, and useful guides. They show off the work they’ve done for clients and the creative processes they use, which is interesting when considering your own future interior design projects.


desert domicile

Desert Domicile –
Caitlin of the Desert Domicile blog is a graphic designer as well as an interior designer. The modern art which inspires her creativity is splayed out on her blog for you to use as inspiration as well. The eclectic spaces she creates are bursting with color and intense patterns.


dwellings by devore

Dwellings by Devore –
With her background in interior design, Bethany creates elegant spaces on her blog, Dwellings by Devore. With plenty of photographs for inspiration and guides to help you design your own spaces, this blog has everything.



Lauren Liess Pure Style Home –
Lauren Liess is a decorator who runs a design studio with her husband. Lauren is very cognizant of how much a home can affect someone’s quality of life. You can see from the interiors she depicts on the blog that simplicity is important, as is the process of adding details of yourself to the space. The way she infuses her life into her blog posts makes for an endlessly interesting read.


stylizmo header

Stylizmo –
Nina Holst loves mixing and matching styles to create a completely different kind of space. Simple yet interesting spaces are all over her blog, Stylizmo. A simple color palette with one or two splashes of intense, vibrant color seems to be her favorite (or signature) color formula. The spaces she creates and depicts on her blog are minimalist but not devoid of character and substance. These spaces have room to breathe while simultaneously balancing coziness and intimacy.



A Merry Mishap –
Jennifer, the founder of A Merry Mishap blog, has a great eye for design and depicts contemporary motifs on her blog. The spaces she creates are minimalistic, modern, and eye-catching. She shows off minimalist spaces that feel personal and cozy. It doesn’t hurt that she throws in posts about delicious foods here and there.


The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room –
With realistic budgets in mind, The Inspired Room blog delivers stimulating, simple, and doable interior design ideas to help anyone and everyone better design their home. The blog’s founder, Melissa, likes to share photos and projects from her actual home as a means of motivating others.


Cozy Stylish Chic

Cozy Stylish Chic –
Cozy Stylish Chic is Jeanne’s platform to express all of her musings, interests, and passions. After spending years in the fashion industry, she made a change after realizing that interior design was her true passion. While taking on interior design projects, she writes about the world of interior design and the trends and styles that are constantly shifting.


Renovation – Blogs that focus on renovations and large scale home projects.


Raenovate –
The Raenovate blog is a great blog full of inspiring interiors and bold designs. Rachel, the blogger behind this interesting blog, chronicles her renovation projects as she slowly but surely changes a house into a home.



Katy Elliot –
Full of great photos and articles chronicling their various renovation projects as they work on their 262 year old house in Marblehead, Massachusetts, Katy Elliot’s blog is a great place to find inspiration and ideas. Their renovations started in 2008 and they expect the process to take 5 to 7 years, talk about playing the long game. Once you see their home, you’ll see just how worth the wait it is.


my old country house

My Old Country House -

Lesli DeVito is an artist (painter) and a blogger. The big Virginia house she and her family live in is the center piece of the blog, their family photos and her art orbit around that focal point. Whether she is showing off the most recent renovation or discussing some good books, it is a great blog to follow.



Wills Casa –
This blog is kept running by the Will family. Amber is a stay at home mom who takes on the majority of the DIY projects as they renovate and decorate their home. Nick is the “make it look good” guy of the operation. As they move forward with building a new Texas home, there is sure to be plenty of new material and projects to come from these bloggers.



Door Sixteen –
Anna, the brains behind the Door Sixteen blog, is a book cover designer, but her alter ego is one of a blogger, renovator, and sharer of inspiration. She keeps her readers updated on the renovations she and her husband tackle as they slowly perfect their home. There are also some tasty foods, art, and photography sprinkled throughout.


oleander and palm

Oleander and Palm –
Jeran shares her interests and inspirations on her blog, Orleander and Palm. Following her as she decorates and renovates her 1920’s bungalow home is particularly interesting. Design ideas as well as great foods and party idea abound on this blog.


DIY – Blogs that provide great tutorials so you can tackle your own interior design projects.



4 Men 1 Lady –
Using her home as an experimental setting of interior design, Michelle tries out all sorts of style elements and showcases them on her blog, 4 Men 1 Lady. Every project she takes on is accompanied by instructions and guides to keep you in the loop so you can implement these projects into your own home.



The Painted Hive –
Living just outside of Melbourne, Australia, Kristine documents her decorative and crafty projects on the Painted Hive blog. She uses her blog as a means to share her discoveries and how-to’s in the interior design world. What’s more, she does all this with realistic budgets in mind. Where some blogs show you incredible interiors that require deep pockets, the incredible interiors on her blog are actually attainable!


all things thrifty

All Things Thrifty –
All Things Thrift certainly is a great DIY blog run by Brooke Ulrich. Her blog tackles tasks as big as interior renovations and as small as fun recipes and crafts. Brooke’s goal is to give her readers the power to take on their own projects and she does a great job of making her tutorials simple, doable, and fun.



Emily Henderson –
Emily Henderson’s blog is full of great design ideas and projects. She is very knowledgeable and has an extensive background in design including an HGTV show called “Secrets from a Stylist” where she takes the personalities of homeowners and injects their homes with eclectic designs to reflect that personality. With Emily being an HGTV host, designer, and stylist all rolled into one, her blog is one of the absolute best places to find inspiration and tutorials for how to make use of that inspiration.



The Frugal Homemaker –
From quirky yard sale finds to inventive tutorials, Christina has created a great blog that allows readers to enhance their homes without breaking the budget. The Frugal Homemaker blog is an amalgam of Christina’s experience, stylistic eye, and inventive ideas. As a self-proclaimed internet addict, Christina brings all the best budget-friendly ideas from the internet to one spot.



Young House Love –
Sherry and John keep their readers in the loop as they decorate, renovate, and design their home. Their blog, Young House Love, shows off their projects with great photography. As their house transforms, you get to take a look at how they do it, which is sure to inspire many ideas and projects of your own.



Little Green Notebook –
Jenny, a decorator and interior designer in New York City, runs the Little Green Notebook blog. Her blog is bursting at the seams with DIY projects that run the gamut from home renovations to furniture placement to homemade cleaners. Her love of fabrics and furniture is obvious when you see the extensively beautiful spaces she is able to create.


ikea hacker

Ikea Hacker –
The Ikea Hacker blog is one of the most interesting, fun, and unique DIY blogs out there. This DIY blog shows its readers how to modify or re-purpose Ikea products in ingenious ways. Some projects are as simple as combining two types of bookshelves to make a unique and versatile storage unit while others are intensive projects like a home mini bar with hidden door slides. We all know how easily Ikea furniture can be assembled and, with the tutorials on this great blog, modifying those items to fit your unique needs can be just as easy.



House Tweaking –
The House Tweaking blog is a great blog with a great story. Dana and her family ditched their “McMansion” (as she puts it) and bought an old ranch-style fixer-upper from the 1950’s. Following this blog and their progress as they turn their house into a home is inspiring, instructive, and enlightening. They walk you through their projects (big and small), allowing you to incorporate their knowledge into your own projects.


General Inspiration – Blogs that feature a diverse spread of topics to help get your interior design gears turning.


design seeds header
Design Seeds –
Color palettes are the name of the game for Jessica, the proprietor of the Design Seeds blog. The color journals she made while in art school were the inspiration to start her blog which and they serve to inspire its readers with rich, vibrant color swatches and visual depictions. From pictures of flowers, parrots, and landscapes to denim jeans and plates of French toast, these images are broken down into their main colors. Using those main colors, you can create a visually interesting room full of inspiration. This has to be the best blog for color inspiration.



Home Design Find -
This web magazine/blog is packed with home design ideas and products. A team of dedicated writers bring their readers inspiration from furniture, lighting, interior design, architecture, baths, kitchens, and more. They pull their images and stories from various places on the internet, bringing everything you would have been searching for anyways to one convenient location.


bright bazaar

Bright Bazaar –
Will Taylor is the founder of Bright Bazaar, an intensely colorful blog that is nothing if not vibrant and fun. The interiors that he depicts are absolutely fantastic, but if that does not get your gears turning, the deep color palettes will.



Little White Whale -
Little White Whale is curated by Gloria who searches the internet for any content that is pretty, cute, inspiring, interesting, or just plain fun. She aggregates these great finds in her blog, which touches on topics like home décor, art, fun and quirky products, food, and anything else that catches Gloria’s eye.



Desire to Inspire –
The goal of Kim and Jo’s blog is not hard to discern. They put it right in the name. Their blog, Desire to Inspire, features spaces that you just can’t take your eyes off. Oddly, the self-labeled “interior design junkies” behind this blog have never actually met in person. Desire to Inspire was born out of a meeting on Flickr where they shared images they had each bookmarked. The rest is history.



Design Milk –
Featuring articles that range in subject matter from architecture and art, to interior design, the Design Milk blog keeps its thumb on the pulse of the home décor industry. The modern interiors they depict are from around the world and are full of visually striking design elements.


wit and delight

Wit & Delight –
Minneapolis-based designer and creative consultant, Kate Arends, is the founder of Wit & Delight. Kate has infused her passion for art, fashion, and culture into the Wit & Delight blog which has made for a creative setting filled with ideas and trends.



The Designers Attic –
Shannon’s love of fabrics is what first inspired her to start this blog. She sells fabric remnants, reclaimed fabrics, and bargain priced fabrics. She shows off these interesting and intricately designed fabrics on the Designers Attic blog. If you are looking for pattern and color inspiration, this blog is sure to deliver.



Look Linger Love –
Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Chassity Evans has created a great blog where she puts all of her interests and inspirations from the worlds of fashion, travel, interior design, entertainment, and more. Her blog is bright, artistic, intimate, and just plain fun.


indian summer header

An Indian Summer –
An Indian Summer is a unique blog that is made expressly for the purpose of inspiring people. The patterns and colors that are depicted throughout the blog in textiles, paintings, ceramics, and furniture serve as great inspirational pieces to help any reader decorate their home. The blog is based in Gurgaon, India and that exotic setting serves to add all the vibrancy of India to help create a more global home design.


Design and Lifestyle – Blogs that not only show off pleasing designs, but give you a taste of different cultures, lifestyles, foods, travel locations, and more.


The Selby –
The author, director, illustrator, and photographer Todd Selby has created The Selby, a project that takes a close up look at creative people and the creative spaces they live and/or work in. Artists, chefs, actors, and many other interesting professions are represented in this incredibly eclectic blog. The spaces that Todd Selby photographs are some of the most vibrant and interesting spaces you will ever see.



This Little Street –
Originally from France, Aubrey has also lived in New York City and now resides in Berkley, California. She has created This Little Street, a lifestyle blog that is full of inspiration, interior design, life events, DIY projects, delicious foods, and so much more.



Creature Comforts
The founder of Creature comforts, Ez Pudewa, shares her love of design through an array of different posts ranging from fashion, seasonal decorations, color palette inspirations, diy projects, and many more. I particularly like the Color Inspiration Daily posts that draw vibrant color swatches from art and photography. This blog is filled with ways to inspire you.


sf girl by bay

SF Girl by Bay –
Self-described “design junkie” and “flea market queen” Victoria is the editor of SF Girl By Bay. This blog as become one of the west coast’s top interior design blogs. But interior design is not the only thing you’ll find at this expansive blog. Reviews, shopping tips, art, photography, and design resources are among the many other topics presented here.


patchworkl harmony

Patchwork Harmony
The Patchwork Harmony blog is a great place to find interesting products, inspiring interiors, clever and doable craft ideas, good books, and great shops and markets. Caroline Rowland, the founder of the blog, uses vintage influences to add a classic twist to contemporary and industrial styles and the result is a unique blog full of inspiring images and articles.


eclectically vintage

Eclectically Vintage –
With the Eclectically Vintage blog, Kelly has created a great blog that showcases beautiful interiors, easy and elegant decorating ideas, fun DIY projects, and reclaiming and re-purposing of vintage items. The thrift store and garage sale finds she comes up with are always super cool and are sure to inspire you to go out and find something unique and personal for your home.


at home in love

At Home in Love –
Aileen writes about design trends, home décor, DIY projects, and pretty much anything else that catches her interest. The bright and vibrant color palettes that are throughout the At Home in Love blog are enough to inspire anyone to redecorate their home but once you start seeing all the interesting textures, patterns, art, and photography, you might not be able to stop.


design love fest

Design Love Fest –
Design Love Fest is the brainchild of LA art director Bri Emery and it is a hodge-podge of different styles, designs, DIY projects, travel photos, and general hijinks. Her love for type and images is what inspired her to begin the blog and she now uses her blog to inspire others.



A Cup of Jo –
Joanna Goddard, a successful magazine writer who is now a blogger has created A Cup of Jo, an intriguing and fun blog that is full of good food, good designs, and great interiors. When perusing her blog, it is hard to fight of pangs of hunger and intense desires to go out and completely change the look of your home.



Bluebird –
James Kicinski McCoy is the founder of Bluebird, a lifestyle blog that features her family photos, quality products, trending fashions, and anything else she loves. James is renaissance blogger who is also a writer, photographer, product designer, and editor.


sho and tell

 Sho and Tell –
Shoko is the shower and teller of the Sho and Tell blog. Full of photos from her various adventures, decadent foods, inspiring color palette journals, and intriguing photography, this is such a fun blog to read. If it doesn’t inspire you to spruce up your home, it just might inspire you to leave your home all together and explore the world.


under the sycamore

Under the Sycamore –
For Ashley, creativity is the name of the game and that creativity is exemplified in her blog Under the Sycamore. Basically, if she thinks it is interesting, it gets put on the blog. Full of decorating ideas, crafty how-to’s, recipes, and photography, there is nary a dull moment on this blog.


There are so many great blogs out there that we enjoy and we wish we could have put every one of them on this list. But we had to limit it to 50 and these are the best. Check out these awesome blogs and peruse the inspiring photos and articles. With a list like this, there is no excuse for dull decorating ideas. Spread the inspiration by sharing this list with your friends on Facebook and Google+!


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