Huge Memorial Day Sale: Save Up To 40% on Quality Area Rugs

EDIT – This Promotion Has Ended is excited to announce that we will be reducing prices for several of our top manufacturers for a Memorial Day Promotion starting May 22nd.  Take a look below for details!



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Kaleen is a well known manufacturer of both hand and machine made rugs.  Their traditional rugs are beautifully crafted in India and possess timeless designs. Kaleen also sells some amazing contemporary designs containing bright geometric patterns and abstracted imagery.  Kaleen prices will be reduced 25% off the normal list price across the board! The promotion begins May 22nd and continues through June 5th.


urya is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of luxurious rugs and has been in the game for over 30 years. They have one of the widest selections of quality area rugs to choose from and have an amazing range of textures added to their rugs. Surya products will be discounted between 15% and 40% Through May 27th. Customers will also receive a free rug pad with qualifying orders.




Momeni is a family-run manufacturer of area rugs. Their wonderful designs and quality production has made Momeni a repeat winner of America’s Significant Carpet Award.  The prices for all Momeni products will be discounted between 15% and 40% through May 28th. All qualifying Momeni rugs will also come with a complimentary rug pad.




Nourison is the last of our top manufacturers that are doing special promotions for Memorial Day. Nourison is a leader within the industry for prestigious designer lines like Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, Kathy Ireland, and Barclay Butera. They also offer a wide range of hand made, signature collections that reflect a number of designs and styles. All of these products will be offered at 10% off the regular price. That includes the designer lines mentioned above! This sale is the first to close, ending on May 26th, so be sure to take a look through their products while this promotion is still valid. Not only will the prices be reduced by 10% but qualifying rugs will also come with a complementary rug pad.


The Memorial Day Promotions listed here are valid for a short time so please take advantage of them. Remember all of these brands come with free rug pads! Please call us if you have any questions. 1-800-239-9892


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