8 Types of Shag Rugs

Hussey Moroccan Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

Shag rugs are not just a throwback to the 70s anymore. Instead of the outdated colors and shabby shag styles, today’s manufacturers create works of art that may surprise many rug shoppersShag rugs have re-established themselves as an incredibly popular and stylish design. When designing a space, many people understand that shag rugs regularly add comfort and luxury to any room they’re placed in. The unique colors, pattern, and textures can accent any design scheme. While the softness underfoot accents the home’s coziness.

While shag rugs have come back into fashion, some of the more creative constructions of shag rugs are still relatively unknown. There are many innovative shag rug variations that can be achieved through the use of different materials and construction methods. Here are 8 types of shag rugs.

1. Mixed Texture Shag Rugs

FD-05 from Fable by Loloi

Mixing textures on a rug can create a visually interesting design and a one-of-a-kind feel. Mixed texture rugs are created by combining two or more different construction methods or styles in the manufacturing process. In some cases, a shag rug can be combined with flat woven or machine made processes. This Loloi rug from the Fable collection is an excellent example of mixed textures. This unique mid-century modern shag rug is hand-made in India with a mixture of bamboo viscose and cotton. The FD-05 rug combines the style of a shag rug with the flat weave rug manufacturing technique to create a truly unique look.

While the two styles couldn’t look more different to the naked eye, it’s not uncommon for rug designers to combine looks of shag and flat woven rugs. During the manufacturing process, some fibers are left loose and breezy while others are twisted and bound together. Because these rugs are predominately made using the very durable flatwoven technique, they will likely last a very long time. They can be difficult to clean, however.

2. Felted Shag Rugs

MET-8686 from Metropolitan by Surya

Different than the more common wool felt, felted wool is one of the most interesting materials to make a rug from. The shapes and textures that can be created from this super-soft material are diverse and surprising. This shag rug variant often leads to rugs that are visually interesting with hand woven stubs that point in every direction. Felted shag rugs can come in a variety of styles and colors and share the softness and durability of other wool rugs.

The Metropolitan Collection from Surya is a perfect example of what can be done with Felted Wool. This collection features a number of hand-woven felted wool rugs in a wide variety of colors. The circular pieces of felt are hand woven from 100% New Zealand Felted Wool. You can tell by simply looking that this is a thick, plush rug that will be super comfortable underfoot.

3. Super Plush Rugs

1550 from Bliss by KAS

Super plush rugs exist on the far end of the rug-spectrum. These rugs are more akin to a pillow or duvet than they are to other area rugs. These rugs have the thickest possible piles and are the softest rugs anyone has to offer. These rugs are perfect for a bedroom or ultra-comfy living room, but be careful, you may find yourself wanting to sleep on the floor more often than your bed. Most super plush rugs are made from synthetic materials because more expensive materials like wool would drive up the cost significantly.

The Kas Bliss Collection is one of the softest rug lines available. These rugs are made from a combination of acrylic and polypropylene which are two of the softest synthetic materials available.  These rugs are super plush with a pile height over 1 inch and are perfect for a bedroom or living space designed for comfort.

4. Berber Rugs

Ber165B from Berber Shag by Safavieh

The term “Berber rugs” or “Berber carpet” originally referred to the manufacturing techniques used by the Berber people of North Africa. Today, Berber is used more as a reference to a general style than to a region. Berber rugs are distinguished by their loop pile construction technique and bold patterns. Berber rugs can be made from a wide variety of materials from natural to synthetic and can be either handmade or machine woven.

Berber is often compared to fur. They are very soft and, depending on the material, can be the among the most durable area rugs. These rugs are sure to add lots of comfort and hominess to any space.

5. Leather Shag

LSG511M from Leather Shag by Safavieh

Leather shag rugs have a particularly unique texture and appearance. These rugs are painstakingly hand-knotted which means each strip of dyed leather is tied by hand to a sturdy cotton backing. These rugs can be any color and often consist of multiple colors. The durability of leather help these rugs stand up over time, but the unique manufacturing process can lead to some complications. It’s not uncommon for a couple of leather strands to come loose from the cotton backing.

One thing to keep in mind when looking at purchasing a leather shag rug is that it might be difficult to clean. Any attempt to vacuum a leather shag rug could lead to strands being loosened or removed from the backing. If you’re trying the clean a leather shag rug, your best bet is to take it outside and lightly beat it with a broom before vacuuming it with an extension hose.

 6. Synthetic Shag

WHI-1001 from Whisper by Surya

While most people have an inclination toward natural fibers, an area rug made from synthetic fibers can be just as soft and durable at a significantly lower price. Using a variety of processes, synthetic fibers can be manipulated to look and feel very similar to natural materials like wool or cotton. While there is an undeniable difference between a high-quality silk rug and a much cheaper acrylic one, it might not be enough for most people with a tight budget to care.

Shag rugs made from synthetic materials are often a bit thinner than shag rugs made from wool but shed much less. Synthetic fibers also lead to textures and colors that can’t be replicated by natural fibers. Synthetic materials such as acrylic, polypropylene, or viscose can be dyed in vibrant colors and often create a sheen that can’t be replicated by natural fibers.

Husssey Moroccan Shaggy from Expo Lux by NuLoom

This Moroccan shag rug from NuLoom demonstrates some of the possibilities available with synthetic fiber rugs. This gorgeous rug is made from the plastic polymer polypropylene and features no fewer than 7 different colors in a bold Moroccan pattern. Not only does this rug feature a stylish design, but it’s also incredibly soft and extremely affordable.

7. Faux Stone

SMT-6600 from Summit by Surya

Faux stone shag rugs are very interesting. They give the impression of a group of stones on the ground but have the soft touch and plushness of a shag rug. Faux stone shag rugs have a deep pile at two inches, but the dense pile is not necessarily “shaggy”. Some make a distinction between faux stone rugs and other members of the shag rug family, but their unique texture and similarities in plushness and pile height qualifies these unique rugs for this list.

The SMT-6600 rug pictured above is hand woven from 100% New Zealand wool and would be perfect for a room that implements minimalism and neutral tones.

8. Extra-Long Shag Rugs

CYR-10802 from Cyrah by Chandra

While they may not seem fundamentally different from other shag rugs, extra long shag rugs are their own separate category. Most extra-long shag rugs have long, thin fibers that extend from the base in a variety of directions. These rugs can be made from just about any rug material, but they are often hand-woven.

This featured rug from the Cyrah collection by Chandra is made from 100% New Zealand wool and is a perfect example of an extra long shag rug with its 5-inch pile height.

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