Avoiding Bathroom Blunders: A Guide to Choosing Bathroom Rugs

Bathrooms are no longer causally referred to as “the second door on the left.” They have evolved within the interior design community to be points of decorative interest. They have become a major space of focus and design opportunity. Whether you use your bathroom to show off your small collection of kitchy Mickey Mouse figurines or thematically follow a jungle scheme, the bathroom can be a great place to show off your decorating prowess. While decorating, it is important to know what considerations are unique to this small, often forgotten room. This post will be focusing primarily on how to select a rug for the bathroom. What materials will hold up in a bathroom? How do I size a rug for a small room? What sort of styles should I use?


First things first, let’s talk durability. The bathroom is a tough environment for rugs. The humidity in the air after a shower and the excess water dripping onto the rug can shorten the life of certain fibers. Nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are the most popular materials for bathroom rugs due to their mildew and mold resistance. Synthetic fibers such as these do not absorb water like natural fibers, making them quick drying and long lasting. Due to the inexpensive replacement cost of rugs made of these fibers, you can also have peace of mind when placing them in such a rough interior environment. If you are having trouble finding the perfect bathroom rug, searching through outdoor rug catalogs is a very good place to start.  Outdoor rugs are sure to have all the durability you need. It is also important to consider the type of backing on your bathroom rug. Non-slip backings are a must in a space where your rug is sure to get wet.


Next on the decorating docket is sizing a bathroom rug. Just because bathrooms are small rooms does not mean you can just eyeball it. Due to the limited space, a properly sized rug for the bathroom is perhaps more important than in a larger living space. A rug that is too large will make your bathroom feel cramped and small; while a rug that is too small with not only make the bathroom look disproportionate, it may end up defeating the purpose of having a bathroom rug by allowing water to spill over onto your floors. The shape of a bathroom rug is also important. You may not typically consider a runner for the bathroom, but if you has his/hers sinks, a runner might be the perfect way to complete the space.


Bathroom styles have become just as diverse and living room designs. Whether you are going for the look and feel of a spa, the warm hominess of country styling, minimalistic modern designs, or quirky and eclectic accents, there is a rug for you. With the rise of bathroom decorating, bathroom rugs have come along for the ride. Many popular rug designs are available with a water resistant synthetic fiber construction. You are no longer consigned to the “tired”-and-true solid color bathroom mat with a matching seat cover. Intricate Persian motifs can add unexpected sophistication into the space. Simple geometric shapes with bold splashes of colors can add modern sensibilities to the room.

modern bathroom

The bathroom offers an often overlooked decorating opportunity. Many people have turned their bathrooms into a source of design pride and choosing the right rug can be a great first step in turning your bathroom into a space to enjoy. Be sure to share this blog with your Facebook and Google+ friends. Subscribe to the blog and follow us on Twitter for more guides.

Special Thanks to Zaziky for the fantastic bathroom feet image. zaziky.deviantart.com

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