Musical Decor: Taking a Look at the Influence of Music on Interior Design

Using musical elements and symbols in our personal expression is nothing new in this day and age. People use familiar tunes as ring tones, favorite band images on tee shirts, and even Facebook statuses are often famous lyrics. There are so many ways we let our musical preferences influence our lives that it is no wonder that music has worked its way into our interior design.


Some people use actual instruments to adorn the walls of their homes: some find cute, little, musical trinkets to display and even more find musically themed furniture and wall art for their homes.


Music is a very broad topic and so it’s no surprise that some people may choose to focus on the instrument, the composer, the lyrics or medium.


There is no exception when it comes to rugs. Take a look at the products below to get an idea of the musical flavors you can find in rugs!

Zone rug from Home Dynamix Kid Guitar rug from The Rug Market. Guitar rug from United Weavers.
Little Mo rug from Momeni Zone Red rug from Home Dynamix.
Keyboard rug from Nuloom.  Musical rug from The Rug Market

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