Rug Styles of the Rich and Famous

We have all wanted to go be a fly on the wall in the home of a celebrity. We have all wanted to be able to see how the other half lives and what their luxurious homes look like from the inside. At, we are no different.  What styles are these celebrities into? How do they decorate? How do they incorporate their rugs into different rooms? These celebrities often hire expensive decorating experts and by paying close attention and taking note of their decorative decisions, you might just be able to walk away with some great ideas for your own home!


Reese Witherspoon

First up is Reese Witherspoon’s Spanish style house in the highfalutin LA neighborhood of Brentwood. The style of her home is classic and elegant and the rugs in her home certainly follow suit. The traditional rug in her dining room features a turquoise background with gold/beige floral patterns. With its thick borders and intricate patterns, this rug is a beautiful example of a traditional rug with bright, vibrant colors.


The traditional rug in the sitting room is also very vibrant but it features a ruby background with gold floral patterns. If you look closely, you can see that the rug is layered on top of another rug. The bottom rug seems to be a natural fiber rug of some kind. This is a great way to create additional cushioning and depth. This can also add square footage to a rug that might be a little undersized. The natural fibers match the gold hues of the traditional rug so they work very well together.



Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s historic Nashville estate is full of incredible interiors. In the sitting room, Taylor Swift has a large cowhide rug that fits the bill for a pop-country super star’s home. This room looks so warm and sophisticated with the dark stained bookshelves and hardwood floors.


In the sunroom of her home, Taylor has a thick white shag rug on top of beautiful hardwood floors. This room is held together by brilliant contrasts. The dark furniture, wood floors, and fan contrasts beautifully with the bright walls and rug. The shag rug also creates a contrast of texture with the wood floors. The super soft and thick pile of the shag rug balances the smooth hardness of the wood floors. With a plethora of natural light that floods in during the day, this room is one of the most beautiful rooms in the home.



Robert Pattison

Robert Pattinson’s Spanish colonial home is elegant and bold. In this sitting room, the intricate pattern and deep red color of the traditional rug gives the room a very rich and warm feel. The blood red scheme of this room almost seems like a call back to his role as a vampire that made him so famous.


In one of the many bedrooms in his 4000 square foot home, there is a beautiful traditional Kashan rug. The white walls and ceiling are contrasted by the deep reds and dark blues of the rug as well as the dark wood finishes on the bed, chair, and dresser.



Billie Jo Armstrong

What type of rug does a punk rock super star have? Answer: a surprisingly traditional one. Billie Jo Armstrong (front-man for Green Day) has a large traditional rug in his living room that acts like both a focal point and a means to ground out the patterns and textures of the room. The orange-red color of the rug matches the splashes of accent colors on the furniture and pillows.



Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres’ stone villa in Montecito is packed with beautiful and classically designed interiors. The over dyed rug in this living room works extremely well with the subtle beige color of the stone walls. The understated colors are punctuated with splashes of orange and dark wood stains.


The rugs in the kitchen feature both intricate and sparse pattern scales. This room is all about contrast and open space. The white walls create an incredible contrast with the dark hardwood floors. The rug in front of the fireplace has a simple pattern with yellow hues while the rug under the kitchen worktable is more complex with orange hues. This contrast of pattern scales separates the space into two distinct sections while the similar beige background color of the two rugs allows them to connect into one homogeneous space.



Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay’s beautiful Hampton home features a great sunroom. This flatweave rug adds much needed design and pattern to the largely white room. The turquoise pillows match the turquoise accents on the rug that is complimented by the yellow/green geometric shapes. The brick of the fireplace creates an intricate pattern scale that works really well with the slightly larger pattern scale of the rug.



Bette Midler

In Bette Midler’s Manhattan penthouse apartment, ‘bright and open’ seem to be the name of the game. In this sitting area, the bay windows and balcony make the space feel like it expands out into the incredible skyline view. The lightly colored floral rug ads to the airy feel while the dark background of the rug grounds out the space. In a bright space like this, dark colors are needed to give the room definition and draw your vision in. Without a grounding element like this, your gaze will just bounce around the room rather than finding a focal point.


Bette Midler’s library/sitting room is packed with incredible visual textures. The rug has a simple design but the texture as it contrasts with the busy bookshelves is what makes it stand out. The focus of the room is drawn over the shelves with all their decorative pieces, past the hardwood floors, and into the lightly colored rug with raised nubs that add a sense of dimension.



Now that you have seen the rug styles of the rich and famous, I hope you feel inspired. You do not need boatloads of money or an interior designer to recreate some of the great looks depicted in this post. Just decide what it is you like about the room and break down the textures, colors, and patterns that create that look. With the search page at, you can filter all those aspects and find great rugs that look like the ones owned by the rich and famous without having to pay the same price. Be sure to share this post with your Facebook friends and give us a shout out on Twitter.

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