Smart Rugs: The Wave of the Future

Homes today are becoming increasingly automated to make our lives easier, with many items that you can monitor and change over wifi via computer or cell phone, like security cameras, lights, and fans.  Let’s face it, tech is everywhere.  It’s likely that rugs may be next on the list to become another “smart” accessory in our home. In our opinion, the following would be the most helpful and fun in a “smart rug”:


Lighted rugs: for those afraid of both the dark and looking uncool because of it, nightlights would become a thing of the past in the face of cool lighted rugs. We are hoping they could even project stars and planets onto the ceiling, and would of course be equipped with a sleep timer. It could also double as a checkered light-up disco floor for your house party, which, admit it, everyone needs.


Alarmed rugs: rug alarms could help in many helpful ways. For example, a rug equipped with a child-unfriendly setting could be used as a doormat or foyer rug, and if stepped on would sound an alarm to alert the owner of teenagers sneaking in or out. The “Teenager” setting could even be programmed to announce, “You’re grounded, Missy!” so you don’t have to. Rapidly escaping crawling babies could be detected by the “Baby” setting and be distracted from their escape plans by the alarm. An alarmed rug could also be connected remotely in order to jar you out of a deep sleep when it sounds a life-saving alarm during tornados, hurricanes, or tests of the Emergency Broadcast System.


Heated rugs: who needs the hassle, expense, and luxury of installing and operating an entire heated floor? A heated rug is the ultimate compromise; it would be cozy beneath your feet for the first couple steps when you get out of bed or the shower, or better yet could warm you up if you’re lounging on the rug in front of the TV in your creepy uncle’s basement. Would make a great holiday gift to rival the Snuggie, Isotoners, and even the standard fruitcake.


Ghost-detecting rugs: Perhaps, for those afraid of ghosts, there will be a special Ghost Hunters edition detector rug. To alert you to the presence of spirits, it could say the show’s common quote, “Oh my gosh… What was that?!…” and come equipped with a built-in EMFand EVP recording capability.  It could also be wired to a camera that can be triggered to record ghostly events and send them to your cell phone so you can post them to your FaceBook page or YouTube channel!


A.I. companionship rugs: the elderly and socially awkward will no longer have to feel the pain of loneliness, get glasses for eye strain due to numerous hours in chat rooms, or take care of a dozen cats. Instead, they can get an A.I. companionship rug. The rug would have features such as being able to hold an intelligent conversation, remind you to take your heart or allergy medication, call 911 in case you fall and can’t get up, or look up needed information just like Siri. Oh, and if you’re away from home and miss your rug, you can always call it and get reassurance that it misses you too. This smart rug would have intuitive features in order to best serve you… we just hope it doesn’t develop a mind of its own.


Zombie apocalypse survival rug: doomsday preppers around the world are helping to develop a special rug that will not only provide fashionable home décor, but protection to survive in the event of zombie apocalypse. On the floor, it looks like a regular rug and comes in commonly-found traditional, contemporary, and geometric designs. If you prefer to be a bit less conspicuous during the disaster, there will be a camouflage version available too. During a cataclysmic event, the rug can be snatched off the floor and used in numerous ways. It’s flexible Kevlar construction can be worn as a shield against the walking dead.  The rug backing is made from a special water filtration fabric so you can always have safe drinking water. There are also numerous hidden pockets which can hold snacks, medication, or weapons when you’re on the go and the entire rug would of course be stain (aka blood) resistant.

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