Summer Savings: 20-50% Off All Surya Rugs

EDIT: This Promotion Has Ended

From Now until September 1, will be uniting with Surya Rugs to give you exclusive deals on all Surya Rugs. For over 35 years, Surya has manufactured the highest quality rugs, upholding the highest standards of luxury and integrity in the rug industry.


During our exclusive Labor Day Promotion, you can save 20%-50% off all Surya Rugs. Whether you prefer ultra-plush shag rugs; traditional, hand knotted, wool rugs; or natural fiber, flat weave rugs, Surya employs master designers and weavers to construct all of their innovative products.


For any rug over $250, you’ll also receive a free rug pad. Rug pads are essential items for all types of rugs:

  • No slippage means you won’t curse for the hundredth time after tripping on the edge of the rug.
  • Rug pads help support the rug. This means your rug will last longer, and it’ll look nicer in the long run, too!
  • Don’t you ever just want to lay on your rug? Maybe get down on the floor to play with the little ones? Rug pads provide extra support and cushion, so even grandpa can play with the kiddos.

Surya not only has top quality rugs, but their variety is nearly endless. Discover your favorites by browsing their numerous collections. Expressing yourself through interior design and decorating is an excellent way to make your house or apartment feel like home.


Surya’s collections include beautiful, classic designs, such as the exceedingly popular Caesar collection.
If you prefer contemporary or transitional designs, be sure to check out the Cosmopolitan collection.
The Soho Natural Living Collection features hand woven, natural fibers, such as jute, from India.
For those of you enraptured with the soft texture of shag rugs on your feet, the solid-colored Aros collection incorporates 100% New Zealand wool and an ultra-plush pile in all of their rugs.
One rug from each of these collections his pictured in this very article.


With over 100 collections to browse, the rug of your dreams is simply waiting to find a place to call home. Have a heart, and give a rug a home. They are eager to share your home and become a part of your family and memories for years to come.

Be sure to share this Surya Labor Day Promotion with your friends and family, because they would feel awfully left out if you didn’t.

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