Top 13 Hand Carved Rugs that Add Depth and Dimension to Your Living Space

EDIT – Many of these rugs are no longer available. See something you like? Shoot us an email and we will help you find something similar!

Are you searching for a way to enhance the depth in your home?  Or do you wish your flat surfaces would come to life?  Well, maybe not literally.  But let’s face it. You want to bring excitement into otherwise typical rooms and you want your guests to remark about it.  Hand carved rugs offer this long-sought-after liveliness. Let’s take a look at the 13 Best Hand Carved Rugs of 2014.


1. Enigmatic Waves

sr113-roomscene_001This mysterious pattern from Surya’s Studio collection will draw your eyes to the center as you attempt to understand these wavy stripes. An imitation of animal print, or perhaps a crested wave, the ivory and brown sugar stripes leave us guessing their origin. Hand tufted from 100% New Zealand wool, the hand carved stripes are set atop a contrasting hand twisted texture.



2. Fantastical Flowers

MOSEMD02_RoomCharming, overlapping dimensions of striking floral patterns create an elegance unmatched by their two-dimensional counterparts. You’ll feel as though you can hop from flower to flower when standing on this rug.  This wool rug, from the Modella collection, by NuLoom, offers abstract patterns suitable for the imaginative and the inspired.



3. Whirling Dahlias

DELHIDL-40RED__1This striking rug from Momeni’s Dehli collection works well as the focal point of a room.  Under bare feet, you can feel the smooth, hand carved details mingled with the softness of 100% wool from India. Sit and stare too long at this rug, and you may feel you’re entering a fourth dimension. It will intensify your living room colors and décor instantly.



4. Feathered Peacock

MOD01-CHROM-6x9-LIV2-usThis rug is all style splashed with an artist’s touch. Hand tufted from New Zealand wool and viscose accents from Nourison’s Moda collection, this rug steals the focal point of the room and enjoys being the center of attention.



5. Checkered Textures

knt3017-58_cornerHand Carving rugs can add a grand distinction to an otherwise simple floor covering. Though this Surya Kinetic rug is monochromatic, the carved shapes create a surface texture that is quite exquisite and will draw the eye of every visitor.



6. Embossed Rings

sams-Pixley-8100-BElevated viscose rings on soft, hand tufted wool are simply asking to be stroked and petted. The Rings style rug from Abacasa’s Pixley collection would go nicely in a music or art studio, adding playful and inspiring designs to the room.

7. Timid Beauty

CHELSCE-10PLM_Inspired by the beauty of Tibetan simplicity, Momeni’s Chelsea collection is all class with its lightly hand carved designs and hand knotted construction, made from 70% wool and 30% viscose. This rug, shown in plum, is also available in charcoal and oatmeal.  These rugs show off nature’s subtle beauty and are ideal for the living room or formal dining room.



8. Elegant Damask

can1949-roomscene_001_This stylish design, from Surya’s Modern Classics collection, adds sophistication to any home. The large damask designs are emboldened, rather than placed in a traditionally repeated pattern, allowing you to appreciate their grace and charm more thoroughly. They are available in a wide array of colors, including ivory, (pictured above,) black, chocolate, pigeon gray, adobe and caviar. Hand tufted from 100% New Zealand wool, the softness is an added bonus.


9. Bold Blues

NBFG05HRich, blues, and off whites create a stark contrast in NuLoom’s Modella collection. It features skillfully hand crafted rugs, like this Siena rug, which is hand carved, hand tufted, and hand finished, made in India with 100% wool. The elegance of this bold design seems to sau “Yes, you can have sleek style with a flamboyant flair.”



10. Engraved Marble

HARMOHA-32RSTTraditional designs compliment almost any living space, and this rug from Momeni’s Harmony collection is no exception. Hand tufted and expertly hand carved with 100% wool, the details give the impression of hand carved marble, rather than a hand carved rug. Guests might be shocked to feel the soft wool beneath them.


11. Abstract Art

art62_roomscene-005 A rug that mimics an artistic exposition enhances a home with luxury and style. Surya’s Artist Studio collection illustrates contemporary art and blends well with minimalist décor. Made in India and hand tufted with 100% New Zealand wool, this rug is guaranteed to be a conversation piece.


12. Floral Geometry

cos8818-roomscenes_003A crafty assortment of floral patterns organized in a block-quilt arrangement, this rug would do nicely in a room with other artsy décor, or with a contrasting rustic backdrop of antique furniture. Fashionable and abstract, this Surya rug from the Cosmopolitan collection can transition your whole living room without breaking the budget; constructed with 100% poly-acrylic fiber, this hand tufted rug is durable and soft. It comes in variety of sizes, such as the 8-foot round, which embodies a juxtaposition of shapes.


13. Fashionable Focus

NuLoom-MOSEMC01_Room_This three-dimensional rug will wow your senses and add depth to your space. A neutral environment would welcome this rug’s stimulating, modern appearance, especially in a loft or a foyer. From NuLoom’s Modella collection, this Focus style rug is hand tufted in India with 100% wool.


BONUS: 14. Stony Path

NPB01C_RoomAlthough this rug is a flat weave, it definitely represents a three-dimensional image. Strada, from the Textures Wool collection by NuLoom, says it all for this unique stones-and-pebbles design. Made in India with 100% wool, you’ll feel more connected with nature and your inner child with this rug beneath your feet. Simply complete the room with an indoor fountain, then kick up your feet and relax into a good book.


Keep in mind, hand carved rugs are a symbol of luxury and refinement. Creating an atmosphere in your home with some trendy décor and an elegant, hand carved rug, can change your home’s tone and mood instantly. This is explained in even more detail in our previous post: Texture and Pattern Make all the Difference.  Hand carved rugs have such a wide array of selections as well, so it’s easy to find one to fit your home and style.

Of the hand carved rugs in this article, Which do you enjoy the most? The least?

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