Top 2014 Countertop Designs in Kitchens

From dreamy creams to exotic veins of Delicatus White, countertops play a vital role in the kitchen. They elevate the elegance in any room and double up on function as well. But with so many colors and styles to choose from, how do you decide which one suits you best? Today, we have Bethany Michaels from the kitchen remodeling company, Mr. Cabinet Care, sharing what’s hot in countertops – to prevent a design dilemma in your own home. Follow along with us as she shares the 8 most popular countertop colors that homeowners are falling in love with this year.

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#1) Bellingham

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The traditional black and white kitchen may never go out of style – which explains why this gorgeous countertop comes in at our number one spot. With marble-like waves of black and grey that swirl softly with light creams, this countertop style really lends an air of elegance in the kitchen. (It especially works well when paired with a white and black color scheme.)


#2) Yorkshire

Yorkshire quartz

For the family that loves simplicity, Yorkshire makes a bold statement with its subtle brilliance. Its refined texture makes it a perfect complement to a soft-colored kitchen.


#3) New Quay

New Quay countertop

A simple design but still bold in character, New Quay boasts beautiful flecks of silver and black, surrounded by a creamy sea of grey and cream. In this kitchen, New Quay was paired with a unique white backsplash and bold wood hood – contributing to the regal ambiance and perfect contrast of neutral tones. What a beauty!


#4) Buckingham

Buckingham quartz

The spotlight of this modern kitchen is an architecturally eye-catching Buckingham island. Rich in color with a striking combination of browns, greys and golds, this beautiful palette balances masculine and feminine design perfectly. As an added bonus: if you look closely, you will notice a hint of shimmer which pulls the whole look together.


#5) Canterbury

Canterbury Cambria

Tightly woven tones of stone and cocoa contribute to Canterbury’s rich and inviting design. With such a warm style, this quartz countertop can easily compliment a traditional or modern room all the same.


#6) Berkely

Berkely quartz

Looking for something sweet? Look no further than Berkely. Tastefully designed with flecks of bronze and copper, this style of countertop looks divine when paired with dark cabinetry and other wood elements. (And of course cupcakes!)


#7) Windermere

Windermere quartz
Windermere Cambria

Can we say “swoon”? Windermere’s ability to brighten any kitchen’s mood is remarkable. With bursts of beautiful copper marks dancing on a neutral background, you’re sure to amp up your interior design space with Winderemere.


#8) Delicatus White Granite

exotic white granite

Delicatus White Granite is a true luxury in the kitchen. As an “exotic” stone, it can come at a higher price tag – but many homeowners have found it’s worth it! If you have a large kitchen, a Delicatus White Granite slab would work perfectly with a king-sized island and perimeter counters.

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BethanyAbout the author: Bethany Michaels is the Content Manager for Mr. Cabinet Care, voted The Best Kitchen Remodeling Company in Orange County since 2006. She thrives in creating interactive social media posts, blog posts, website copy, and other online and print content for Mr. Cabinet Care. In her free time she enjoys dancing ballet, eating sushi, and running on the beach.

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