16 Top Autumn Rugs of 2014

You’ve felt it in the cooler nights that are starting to roll in.  You’ve seen it in the local vegetation that has just started to turn yellow. You’ve even tasted it in all the great pumpkin drinks and baked goods that are becoming available.  Autumn is upon us.  If you are interested in interior decor, this means it is time to switch gears. Both Spring and Summer are naturally full of pleasant greens with touches of other light colors. This is reflected in your homes interior. Now that the seasons are changing, your homes are changing too. Cozier blankets are being brought out. The kids are playing inside more.  Days are shorter and even a bit dimmer. It’s time to change to look of your home to reflect this change. Here, we’ve listed the 16 best rugs for this Autumn. Take a moment and look through them for a little inspiration for your home.


Leaf Motif


As I’m sure you are aware, the changing colors of leaves are one of the most looked forward to traits of Fall. You can buy fake leaves of a variety of colors at craft stores to help decorate center pieces and bring the bright colors inside.

RAI04-MOC-6x8-Floor-01-uncThe same is true with rugs. A rug with a leaf motif, much like a floral rug, will bring in an outdoorsy feeling and give you an opportunity to showcase all the seasonal colors.


Multicolor RH016_AUTUM_8x10

Speaking of Colors, remember that out of all four seasons, Autumn has the most diverse range of colors to pull from.  There are latent greens and blues that have yet to fade, gorgeous yellows and oranges and rich, reds and earth tones. So whatever color scheme your home is usually decorated with, you will be able to match with autumn decor without much difficulty.


Vivid Reds with Casual Browns and Taupes


Fall is also a great time to explore a calmer pallet. With Winter on its way, it’s a good idea to think of what colors are good to hibernate with.  We see here a rug that contains calming earth tones with some of the vibrant red found in the Fall. Those colors, combined with the abstracted leaf pattern create quite a comfortable scene.


Here’s another example of this pallet with a different natural pattern. The brighter gold color is also great to use in Autumn.


Homey Earth Tones


Earth tones can be very comforting with interior decor. The dark colors of this rug ground the room while an abstracted leaf pattern brings an easy elegance to the decor.

NF447A-ROOMEven more natural, this jute rug brings in a lighter hue of those earth tones with a great texture that will add a sense of depth to the room.


Golds and Oranges


As mentioned before, gold can be amazing for Fall use. The darker the skies get, the more prominent and pronounced the gold pattern above becomes.

TT10_roomscene_rectangleOrange can be a difficult color to mesh with in the Spring and Summer but Autumn is perfect for it. It’s a great earthy color with a bit more life to it.




This geometric rug has a definite contemporary edge to it but it can still fit comfortably into a traditional living space.  The bright pink adds a touch of pizazz.




Transitional rugs pack some of the wow-factor of the contemporary with the ornateness of a traditional rug. The rug shown above would ground the room and show it off at the same time.


This transitional rug can fit in with many different color schemes and decor arrangement.  The colors will fit in well for Autumn and the upcoming Winter.




You can’t go wrong with Traditional, a fine boarder around a rug doesn’t only frame the rug but can frame the room and the seating arrangement. The rich oranges in the rug above make it ideal for Autumn decor.


This traditional, earth tone rug will add sophistication to the home it is used in.




You might want to keep a shag rug away from any outer doors as the longer fibers might hold onto more dirt and leaves than a flatter rug. But they are super nice to use in a bedroom or family room to keep your feet warm as the nights get colder.


Some general rules about switching out rugs seasonally:

When you switch out rugs seasonally, it gives them a vacation from the constant foot traffic and makes them last longer. Even moving a rug into a different room or rotating it within the same room can extend a rugs life noticeably.

If you have any rugs that you use outdoors or poolside in the warmer months, you can still make great use of it in the colder months. Outdoor rugs are made to be UV resistant, stain resistant, and fast-drying. Why not use it in the doorway to catch all that dirt and leaf litter before entering the house?

Lastly, visitors will notice! When you change a rug or curtains or even a throw blanket to bring the season into your home, people notice!


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