23 DIY Ideas for Fall Centerpieces

Fall. It evokes emotion and a sudden need to dig into the closet for comforting sweaters and scarves. A great way to welcome the warm colors of fall is to create a fall centerpiece for your own home or maybe a Harvest Party. It’s time to get crafty and creative with a boho or rustic style. Let’s go shopping for pumpkins and candy corn, and search the backyard for pinecones and acorns. Making a fall centerpiece doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are some ideas and examples of inexpensive, DIY fall centerpieces. Use these to get inspired and create one, or make up your own idea.


Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pumpkins are the obvious choice for fall centerpieces, and there are so many ways to use them. First, though, we’ll give you some tips for using a real pumpkin, rather than a plastic one from the store.

First, if you want the pumpkin to last more than a few days, you’ll need to use some techniques for preserving it before you jazz it up. (You can also use these techniques on gourds and jack-o-lanterns.)

There is a lot of discussion on the Internet concerning this particular topic, but we found a study that was done over a ten day period using thirteen different household products, with an extra pumpkin that was uncarved for the study. The winner of the Pumpkin Preservation Study? Chlorox Cleanup with Bleach. While this had the least amount of mold and the least noticeable effect on the color or appearance of the pumpkin, the uncarved pumpkin was still technically the winner. If you’d like to read the in-depth study from extremepumpkins.com, click here.


For many of these centerpieces, you can create a container within the pumpkin by cutting a tin can sized hole into the pumpkin and inserting a can. Try to take accurate measurements before cutting a hole, and be sure to take out the seeds and strings, (bake the seeds for a nice snack!)


Now, let’s look at these beautiful pumpkin centerpiece ideas.

1. Use small pumpkins in jars or glass containers


You can also add sticks or leaves to add varied textures to your centerpiece.


2. Use a three-tiered tray with various fall décor, like pumpkins, pinecones, dried flowers, or some corn husks.

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3. Use a pumpkin like a vase and put flowers in it. (For this project, you can use the tin can example from above and put water in it. Alternatively, you can use fake flowers without the tin can.)



4. Create your own pumpkin candle holders.



5. Add Water!


This creates some unique floating candles.


6.Put some small pumpkins on top of candle holders.



7. Apply some newly fallen leaves to a pumpkin.


You can do this using Mod Podge, which can be purchased at any craft store and most general stores.


8. Incorporate berries with pumpkins.



More Ideas, Minus the Pumpkins

9. Display under glass

Nuts, Seeds, harvest coloured ribbons

Instead of pumpkins in a jar, try using an assortment of brown, yellow, and orange ribbons, nuts, acorns, pinecones, leaves, twigs, sticks, corn, or beans. The possibilities are endless!

Pottery Barn Vase-filler-leaves


10. Make gourds into vases.



11. Vegetables with candles.



12. Wine corks surrounding a candle.



13. Simple displays of candles encircled with fall décor.



Having a party? Use food in your centerpiece.

14. Fruit skewers in a pumpkin.



15. Cake Pops!


Use fall cake pops in a trendy centerpiece. Cake pops can be purchased online, or if you’re ambitious, you can make them yourself!



16. Use candy corn and marshmallow pops for a creative centerpiece.



17.  Use candy corn and some branches in an empty container.



18. Make a pumpkin shaped cheese ball.



19. Pumpkin shaped cake! 



Bake two bundt cakes and put them together for a pumpkin shaped cake.


20. Candy Pumpkin.


Make a pumpkin from orange slices and gumdrops using toothpicks and a styrofoam ball.


21. Simply awesome food.


If you have the time, make an amazing homemade Pumpkin Challah Centerpiece with Honey Butter. For the recipe, click here.


22. Caramel Apple Dessert Centerpieces



23. Pumpkin Apple Streusel. For the recipe and instructions, click here.



Here at the Plush Blog, we’re always looking for new ways to create unique interior designs, make DIY projects for the home and garden, and provide ideas for unique seasonal décor. Be sure to check back with the Plush Blog as we continually bring you ideas for your décor, interior design, and the seasonal transitions.

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