27 Modern, Geometric Patterns that are Trending in Rugs.

Geometric Modern

Geometry and patterns are nothing new to interior design. In fact they are a staple of great decor. But you might be asking your self “What shapes and patterns are popular now?”  “Should I stick with the traditional, warmer, earth tones or branch out into more contemporary color schemes?”  “What are the best sizes, textures, or materials available to me?”  PlushRugs.com is here to assist you with those answers. We’ve listed some of the best trending area rugs with outstanding geometric patterns. So take a look below at some of the best options for your home.


Large Print

These rugs have large, repeating shapes, generally over a foot in size. These are a great compliment to a room with a busy, eclectic design scheme.


Small Print

These patterns are much busier and detailed. The tessellating shapes can really bring in the focus for your room.


Simple Pattern

Circles and squares are not a distracting addition to decor but will anchor the other design elements in your home.


Ornate Pattern

Extravagant and eloquent, detailed patterns with uniquely tiled shapes will add a luxurious feel to your home.



Another simple pattern that can jazz up many design styles. They come in many different sizes and color combinations.



Stripes should be used with other patterns for variety and contrast. This effect is very eclectic and comfortable.



The depth of a shag rug adds luxury and comfort to the room. Not to mention warmth for your bare feet.



This is the construction with the largest variety of geometric patterns. Light weight and easy to move, these are great for swapping out with the seasons.



There are often many color variations of the same patterned rug. There are also modern patterned rugs that contain multiple colors.



Some of the most interesting patterns are in greyscale. Check out more ideas for black and white rugs here: http://blog.plushrugs.com/top-10-black-white-rugs-ideas-for-any-decor/


Wool/Natural Fiber

Though there will be some initial shedding, Natural fiber rugs are strong and will stand up to high foot traffic.


Polyester/Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fibers hold their color extremely well and will also do just fine outdoors in summer weather.

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