5 Inspiring Black and White Bedrooms

5 Inspiring Black and White Bedrooms

Decorating your bedroom is pretty much the best thing ever. A bedroom says a lot about a person, so it’s natural that a lot of time can go into planning how it should look. Though there are a ton of different ways to go, there’s just something special about a black and white bedroom. Take a look at our list to see if any of the bedrooms are appealing to your style.


1. We love how this one’s modern and simple. The use of straight lines and very little variation of patterns gives it a relaxing feel. This bedroom is very chic and tidy. We love everything about this room, including the use of grey tones throughout.


Photo Credit: Home and Garden Design Ideas


2. This bedroom has the best of a few worlds. It’s floral and fun while also being classy and contemporary. This style has become very common in the past 5 years but it shows no sign of losing popularity. This one is great because there is a vast mix of patterns. From the striped bed skirt to the checkered pattern on the pillows, there is so much to see yet it all blends so well together.


Photo Credit: CottageHomestead


3. Incorporating pops of color into a black and white bedroom is very common. Usually, there’s only one color accent in a few places in the room. Like in the photo shown below, a pillow matches the wall color. Only one wall is painted that color in the top photo, which allows the color to avoid overpowering the room. The use of a pop of color is great for adding visual interest.


Photo Credit: ligia-fiedler.blogspot.fr


4. We love how the bed linens are very plain to let the wall art command the room. Modern, young, and fun.


Photo Credit: homedit.com


5. Talk about glamour! The plush bed, the dim lighting, and the chandelier all contribute to the atmosphere. This room confirm that with the right decor, anyone can have a glamorous bedroom to show off.


Photo Credit: thecolorsofmymind.tumblr.com


In the end, no one can go wrong with a black and white bedroom. There are so many styles that the colors can represent. You can have elegant and classy or modern and chic. It can be difficult to go wrong with a black and white bedroom. We hope our list inspired you to redesign your living space!


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About the Author : Jane Blanchard is a writer and home design geek living in Austin, Texas. Jane writes about home improvement and design topics.


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