7 Coastal Decorating Tips

7 Coastal Decorating Tips PlushBlog

Crisp white, paired with sea blue and rough beige. That is the basic color scheme for most coastal themed decor.This thematic decor has been popular along the coast and lake houses for quite some time. It’s also starting to become commonplace in landlocked homes. Who doesn’t want to come home to comfort and luxury, reminiscent of a vacation beach house? The atmosphere of calm relaxation can easily be brought into your home no matter what distance you live from the water.  We’ll go through several instructions here about how to bring the waves and sand into your home.



1. Coastal design schemes are reminiscent of the beach and shorelines. Because of this, they often have an open and airy layout. Open spaces are great for a variety of activities and flexibility of use. Having some open room can also assist with relaxation. The phrase “room to breathe” comes to mind. Stretching out with a good book on the floor, or even doing some morning yoga are ways to take advantage of extra space in a way that adds to the vacation feel of coastal design.



2. Blues, Beiges, and Whites make for a relaxing color pallet. You can vary the shades of blue depending on the mood you want to create. Lighter blue tones relate to frothier water and relaxing fun in the sun. Deeper tones relate to the water and sky at evening for a more mature effect.

Jaipur coastal living rug schooled.


3. Many coastal designers juxtapose indulgent, soft furniture with rough centerpieces like coral, rope, or driftwood. This contrast allows us to better appreciate the qualities of both the comfortable, soft sofa and the untamed beauty found outdoors. Some designers will use rougher materials like hemp, or jute in their curtains, rugs, and other accent pieces.



4. It is popular to decorate with actual objects found at the beach. Sea glass, sand dollars, shells, and even boating or fishing tools are commonly found in good coastal decor.  This can add a sense of authenticity even if you are miles from a beach.



5. Stripes are used often in textiles throughout coastal decor. It’s not uncommon to find wood floors even painted in stripes.

hrz1092 Surya rug


6. Art. Specifically, art that references sea life is very popular. This can be anything from a painting of a seascape done on recycled wood beams to actual feathers or starfish framed and hung on the wall.

CH25 Jaipur coastal living rug


7.  Plants add the finishing touch to coastal decor. Emulating a place where everything is alive and growing means you should also have something alive and growing in your home. You can go for something familiar or if you’re feeling confident, try something a bit exotic.


Let us know what aspect of the coastal design scheme is most important to you! Leave a comment below.

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