29 Overdyed, Vintage Patterns that are Trending in Rugs

Overdyed and Vintage Rugs

If you’re on the savvy side of interior design, I’m sure you’ve heard of these beautiful products. Overdyed and vintage rug designs are gaining a lot of popularity. These rugs have been prematurely aged through artificial processes. The consumer gains the look of a treasured heirloom without giving up the quality and strength of fiber that comes with a new product. Take a look below to see some of the top selling items currently available.


These first few products have a lot of the attributes commonly found in these rugs. Many posses warm, muted beige tones in different intensities. Traditional borders are also common for overdyed rugs.

Other products have a transitional motif, with less of a border or lacking one altogether.

Some of these designs break from tradition and are quire bright, with little of the color removed with the artificial aging processes.

You can find other traditional patterns like ikat too.


There are also more contemporary designs that you can find done in the overdyed fashion.

Viscose is used to create a shining effect to these rugs.

Some aging effects will mimic a damaged appearance, to make the product look as though it’s been exposed to the elements, out in the sun or damaged with water or outdoor exposure.

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