15 Moroccan Designs Trending in Rugs

This Moroccan rug design, called beni ourain has found a comfortable home in western interior design. This geometric design is a huge hit with designers and décor experts because the fairly simple pattern casually dresses up any design scheme. Some refer to this design as a goes-with-anything Moroccan rug. Within a traditional setting, it adds a contemporary and chic element without overpowering the other furniture. But within a contemporary setting, the simple, repetitive pattern helps to ground the room.



Generally, these pieces are super plush and add an exciting texture to the room while the colors and patterns easily balance others around the room. Usually they are found in neutral, light tones but they have been found with variations in newer redesigns.



There are also variations in the patterns. Some operate on a simple grid. Some trail off organically half way through the rug. Still others have more abstracted lines only loosely based on the grid. Some rugs have a fringe edge. Others favor a thin border. Take a look below to see even more variations.


Surya10221 Surya10222






NuloomShaggy1 NuloomShaggy2




NuloomTrellisShagGrey NuloomTrellisShagGrey2


Surya10321 Surya10322




Surya10071 Surya10072

To take a look at other geometric patterns that are trending in rugs, See our previous post.


Surya 1011


Surya10201 Surya10202


NuloomThreeRow2 NuloomThreeRow



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