The 14 Most Popular Rugs of 2014

Sometimes when shopping for a new rug, it can be helpful to see what other shoppers have purchased. We’ve compiled a list of our top selling products for 2014 to give you an idea of what other shoppers are purchasing for their homes. Maybe they can assist you in your search.

SG511-1212-5R-FLOOR_Shag comes in a variety of materials, lengths, and designs. They are often used in cozy living areas where you may be more likely to sit on the floor or perhaps go barefoot.


mns1004-576_cornerTransitional rugs are a staple in the home decor industry. They straddle the line of traditional and contemporary style so they have an elegant, yet trendy look like this antique, floral pattern. cae1012-roomscene_001


surya-mid4740-5373_cornerTraditional rugs are full of detail with a scrolled border. These are usually in warmer hues but can be found in an assortment of colors.





New_Aubusson_Light_Blue_1 One variation of traditional rugs that has been hugely popular in the last few years in overdyed. These rugs have been prematurely aged through artificial methods. They look like they could be old family heirlooms but have the strength of a new product.



vtg117-440-5View more overdyed rugs.

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