4 Bathrooms That Aren’t Nautically Themed

Your bathroom already has water in it. Throw some boats and rope details in there and it’s done, right? While nautical style is taking over other parts of the home like living rooms and mudrooms, the nautical bathroom has gone the way of the “red rooster country kitchen” – way, way, out.

Bathrooms do present their own design challenges for rugs: standing up to constant moisture and humidity, strength in the midst of high traffic, and providing enough space and efficiency to get everyone out the door in the morning on time. They’ve got to be easily washable but still well-decorated for guests. We’ve put together some sets that explore the possibilities of one of the smallest (but most important!) rooms in your home.


Keep the Blue… But Fancy it Up


Get this Loloi rug here.

Maybe at heart you’re still a traditionalist – you want a blue, somewhat-aquatic bathroom. Refine the concept a little more and convert your space into a spalike experience. This peacock-colored rug is balanced with ivory, instead of traditional royal blue and white. The green hues in the new color scheme promote a more relaxing atmosphere. Lighten the colors even further with white or natural accents and real wood whenever possible.


Zesty Citruses


Get this orange Loloi rug here.

But maybe you can’t let go of all your white space. That’s okay too! Change up the colors with a bold citrus rug. The red tones will wake you up when it’s time to go, and they contrast beautifully with white without making the room harsh or dark. This is a more modern design, so decorate with metal instead of wood when you can. Fluffy towels and textures will keep this color scheme from getting too childlike.


Warm Traveler’s Vibes


Get this dhurry here.

As much as you want your bathroom to be hospital-level clean, you don’t want it to look that way. Bring an unexpected earth tone into the room, like this Safavieh dhurry in rusted reds and browns. Dhurries are thin, allowing for a quick drying time, and the cotton construction makes it easily washable at home. Matching accessories for this type of decor is a little tricky – steer clear of anything kitschy, which will bring your bathroom from “eclectic” to “grandmotherly” fast. Opt instead for accessories with clean lines and shining metallics.


Get this espresso rug here.

Or you might think there’s just too much going on here. Why so many decorations and colors? You’re looking for something more zen. Simple black/espresso and white pieces (the most low-stress color scheme out there) make up the bulk of this design, balanced by softer pastels in the decor and textiles. Look for orchids, greens, and whites.


There’s no excuse for a rug with fish on it now. Try one of our designs and send us a photo, and we could feature you on the blog!


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