Playroom Necessities for Kids & Adults

Playroom Necessities for Kids & Adults

If your child’s collection of toys, Bratz dolls, Ben 10 paraphernalia and other latest ‘n’ greatest toys are taking over every nook and cranny in your home, it’s time to start thinking about a playroom space.

from HGTV
from HGTV

Not only will a well-designed playroom give your children a space of their own to learn, create, explore and get inspired, it will give you back your sanity, and with the right planning, a peaceful space for adults too.

Choosing a Space

from Home-Designing
from Home-Designing

If you’re like many other parents, you may well have an entire room or floor space dedicated to junk – you know, that “never take the guests there” area.

Ideally, a playroom should be located in close vicinity to the living room or kitchen – kids like to be where the grown-ups are when playing and adults like to keep an eye on their kids. So converting a space all ages will enjoy is a win/win. If you don’t have a spare room, you could always combine your living room with a play area.


Bright Colors for the Kids

from Home-Designing
from Home-Designing

Children usually respond well to bright colors, energetic decor and bold patterns. Keep this in mind when choosing items and décor that will stimulate your child, such as bold area rugs or brightly colored large rugs.

What’s more, strong and bold colors are a fantastic way of hiding the dirt that comes with roaming hands and busy feet. Yellows, greens and oranges are energetic, stimulating and refreshing choices.

Try to avoid spending a fortune on décor that your children may quickly outgrow. Removable decals and wall murals are the ideal choice for changing and growing tastes. They’re easy enough to remove or replace to coincide with maturing characters.


Let the Kids Gets Hands On

from Home-Designing
from Mondocherry

Why not dedicate a section of the wall to the children’s artwork? They will certainly take pride in their pieces and be proud to show them off.

If your little ones are budding artists, you may want to turn part of a wall into a chalk board for them to draw on – and keep the artwork off of your area rugs.

Alternatively, you could create a clipboard wall. Artwork is easy to swap and change when your mini Van Gogh comes home with the latest piece of art.




Vinyl or hardwood floors are great for a play area, but don’t forget that a nice soft rug is the magic carpet of child’s play. Rugs are warm and cozy for kids to sit on. They provide the groundwork for imagination games and creative use of space. They also are a soft cushion for rough kids who love to dance, tumble, and inevitably fall down. Many rugs are easy to clean and hide stains well, too. Waterproof options are an excellent choice.


Zoning the Room for Adult and Child Use

from RatherSquare
from RatherSquare

Zoning is definitely something every parent needs to consider – particularly so if you have more than one child.

Zoning a room brings structure and order and with the right divisions, the adults can have their own space to relax in while the kids have their section to hang out in.

You may want to consider creating an arts and crafts corner. Think about the crafts your kids like and get a fun storage box for the materials – something that will match the overall décor – to encourage tidiness.

You could also create a reading zone. A low book shelf is perfect for storage for little readers, while higher up, mom and dad can store all their favorites. Add a comfortable table and chairs, or an armchair in one area for you and plastic chairs or even a comfy rocking chair in another for your child.

If your kids are realizing they can climb and hang, make sure the bookshelves are properly secured to the walls.


Organized Storage 

from Apartment Therapy
from Apartment Therapy

Leave a large space of the floor as the play area and use bright area rugs to complement the décor. Invest in color coordinated buckets or bins to encourage your child to keep the space neat and tidy.


Getting It Right

When it comes to tying the look of the playroom together, it’s important to spread out the zones so the adults aren’t cramping the kid’s creativity and kid’s aren’t under adult’s feet.

Since it is a playroom you are creating, keep it fun and creative. Harness variety in terms of furniture, textures and colors to stimulate your little one’s mind.

Once you’re done, put your feet up in your space and enjoy spending peaceful time with your children.

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