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We love our pets and we love our floors. Tiles and wood can be hard to handle as it is, but add a four-legged friend to the mix and a ton of maintenance is needed.

Do You Really Need a Rug for Pets?

You have decided you definitely need a rug for your pet, so where do you start looking?

Start by browsing rugs that are durable and stain resistant. Then start looking at style and design.

Slippery floors are hard on your pet’s joints. It is also hard for their paw pads to get good traction on wooden surfaces, which results in plenty of slipping and sliding and the floor becoming scratched from pets trying to get a grip.

Providing an area rug can be soft for your pets to lie on. Large rugs also tend to hide messes and can dull some of the noise of the pitter patter of paws running about all day (and night) long.

What’s more: pets shed, they dig and they scratch, all of which can lead to a much loved carpet or rug the in-laws bought you on your wedding day being ruined.

That’s why it’s important to put thought into the rug you choose for your pet-friendly home. Remember you do all the cleaning up after them.

Also consider vacuuming, which will be part of your pet cleaning routing. That means that you need to ensure that any living room or other household rugs won’t fray from constant suction. Don’t forget, outdoor rugs may surprise you!

Curious Cat by Trans Ocean
Curious Cat by Trans Ocean

Buying a Pet Proof Rug

A pet-proof rug is a must-have. The cost of pet resistant carpeting all around the house would be exorbitant and there is really no need when you can get stain resistant area rugs.

If you are a pet lover, you’re probably looking for a rug that makes your house look great but is practical too. You’ll want something that camouflages shedding and won’t entice biting and scratching.

FRONTPORCH-1567-17 - Copy
Wet Kiss by Trans Ocean

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

Outdoor rugs are not just made for outside, they’re fashionable enough to bring indoors too. Today’s outdoor varieties are funky and can accommodate just about any living space. They’re double duty which means they’re great as pet-proof options.

What’s more, outdoor rugs are soft on bare feet and easy to clean, so areas of high foot traffic are no problem.

Choose Small Patterns

Rema (Dark Grey) by NuLoom
Rema (Dark Grey) by NuLoom

Patterned area rugs are gorgeous in a home and pet lovers can enjoy them too. Patterned rugs work well for pets, provided you choose the right one: while it may be tempting to pick something with big patterns and big areas of exposed solid colors in neutrals and whites, those aren’t going to help you disguise pet stains. It’s better to opt for smaller patterns and darker colors.

Ditch the Fluffy Plush Rugs

MK-02 (Limestone) by Loloi
MK-02 (Limestone) by Loloi

Flat pile rugs like this will sustain less damage from whiskers. Higher pile rugs may encourage pets to do a little digging. Plush rugs are a cat’s delight for digging claws into and dogs could get their nails stuck in the loops.

Seagrass Rugs

NF114C by Safavieh
NF114C by Safavieh

Seagrass rugs have become the modern, practical, and stylish area rugs. Not only are they fashionable, but they look great in any room and are a low cost option to make your home look neat and sleek. Moreover, they are good for pets since they are water resistant.

Wool Rugs

MBL04 by Nourison
MBL04 by Nourison

Wool is a good fabric for households with pets. It’s easy to clean and durable.

Nylon Rugs

74700-13124 by Karastan
74700-13124 by Karastan

If wool is a bit costly for you or you don’t want to use other natural fibers in your house, nylon rugs are an excellent alternative. Make sure you choose a rug that is 100% nylon as these are easy to clean with a vacuum and can be steam cleaned.

This pet resistant material makes for easy maintenance.

Tropical Hounds by Trans Ocean
Tropical Hounds by Trans Ocean

Cleaning Stains

  1. Soak Up the Urine

Use paper towels and newspaper and soak up urine before it dries. Place a thick layer of paper towels on the wet spot and then cover with the newspaper. Stand on the padding for a minute and then remove.

  1. Rinse the Area

Use clean, cold water to rinse the area and then remove as much of the water as you can by blotting it or using a wet vacuum.

  1. Odor Neutralizer

Once the area is clean, use a high-quality pet odor neutralizer. Remember to test a small patch first, preferably on a hidden portion of the fabric, to make sure it won’t stain your rug.

Shake, Rub & Roll by Trans Ocean
Shake, Rub & Roll by Trans Ocean


Finding a pet friendly rug isn’t going to solve all your stain, scratching and shedding issues, but it can make life a lot easier for you, and more comfortable for your furry companions.

Keeping up with routine care and maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions will extend the life of your rugs.

Have a look at the range of pet-friendly, easy to clean rugs from Plush Rugs.





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