Interior Design for a Romantic Winter

Winter is enchanting, magical, and romantic… but it can also be a little depressing. The sun sets early. Colder weather encourages more time spent indoors, and the lack of fresh air can lead to cabin fever. The early part of winter may indeed be exciting and festive, thanks to the onslaught of holiday decorations and family gatherings. But after the decorations come down, it’s easy to fall into a slump for the remaining months of winter.




That’s why we’ve decided to highlight a couple of design tips for beating those winter blues and creating a romantic space in your home. We’re not implying that a few décor changes will overpower those blues, but our surroundings can have a big impact on our mood. And it certainly couldn’t hurt to add something special to the room.


Let There Be Light




Let’s start with winter lighting. Not only does sunlight help to boost our moods, the twinkle of holiday lights tends to evoke the magic of childhood memories and festivities. If you feel comforted by a well-placed string of lights, leave a bit of twinkle indoors once the holidays are over by adding fairy lights on the ceiling or outlining a focal point.

In darker spaces, the focal point becomes the light source. Focusing the attention of the room on a delicate, fragile looking light fixture (like an intricate chandelier or a subtle pendant light) heightens the feeling of romance.

Don’t forget that candles accent a space and add to the ultimate ambiance of the room. Use tall candlesticks, glowing lanterns, arrangements of tea-lights, and candles mounted on the wall. Even flickering candelabras can do the trick.

When it comes to light fixtures, consider a new statement piece this winter. Not only will a little redecorating take your mind off the outdoor weather, but a warm glow can enhance your room’s romantic feel.


Color Me Romantic

When romance is the idea, choose dark walls. Aim to paint the ceilings and walls the same dark, neutral color such as forest green, slate blue, dark gray, maroon, and even black. Try silver, gold, copper, or pewter decorating pieces. Metallic colors tend to reflect the warmth of candlelight and pewter reminds us of bygone romantic eras.


Hessian Pillow by Surya
Hessian Pillow by Surya


Getting Cozy

If the landscape outside is looking bare and icy, turn your home into a cozy haven. A comforting, warm feeling in the bedroom and living room is heightened when contrasted with the cold outdoors. Go ahead and add a few extra throws to your seating and plenty of floor cushions and textured rugs so you can comfortably spend evenings snuggled on the floor in front of the fireplace.


Safavieh Faux Sheepskin Rug
Safavieh Faux Sheepskin Rug


You may even want to stash a few extra blankets and pillows in a hidden area, like a trunk or ottoman.

Textured blankets, throws, and rugs are irresistible when it comes to winter décor. Real or faux animal skin rugs and throws work well too. They beckon you to curl up and relax.


Romantic Accents

When it comes to romantic winter accents, think moody floral. Ditch the strict geometry and go for the gestural, emotional pattern of flowers. Wallpapers and images of flowers (like pink peonies and dried roses) add interest while keeping it light and romantic.




Leave modern photography or computer generated accents behind. Instead use framed artwork. In particular, we recommend portraits or paintings of people, flowers, nature, or moody landscapes to give a sense of timelessness and artistic angst. They can also provide areas of warm tones against an otherwise chilly wall color.


Breathe New Life Into Your Winter Home

Nothing quite beats the winter blues like indoor plants. If your beloved isn’t one for bringing roses home, why not add stylish planters instead?

Plants tend to keep us connected with nature and improve the air quality in the rooms they sit in. They beautify our surroundings, reduce stress, and help to set the mood in the room.

The kitchen is a great space for plant life. Some people prefer to display herbs in vases or pots. This adds comfort to the room while also providing a healthy culinary kick to your meals. In addition, products like artichokes, oranges, and apples make a lovely statement while helping to romanticize your eating space.




And don’t forget the power of small statements, like air plants and succulents. These are eye-catching, low-maintenance options that will last a lot longer than those bunches of roses. They can be arranged with shells or pebbles for a more organic look.


Don’t Forget About Those Rugs

Keep your toes warm this winter with one of our area rugs. Whether you prefer the deep pile of shag rugs, the soft touch of cowskin, or the enduring texture of 100% wool, we have what you are looking for. Take a look at our vast selection online.


Knightsbridge rug by Oriental Weavers Sphinx
Knightsbridge rug by Oriental Weavers Sphinx

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