Carpet vs. Wood Floors

Are you having a tough time deciding between carpet and wood floors? It’s not really an either/or issue, but more a room-by-room consideration.

We have put together an in-depth analysis of each, including which rooms are more suitable for carpeting and wood.

Wood Floors – The Advantages

Roxy Rug by Cine


  1. Aesthetics

It is hard not to fall in love with the look of wood floors. As far as materials go, it works well in most rooms of the home.

  1. Cleanliness

Wood floors are cleaner than carpeting. They won’t collect dirt and dust and if there is any, it’s as easy as a quick vacuum or sweep. Carpeting, on the other hand, requires a massive steam cleaning to really get the grime out.

  1. Durability

Wood flooring that is properly looked after can last for decades, whereas carpeting will need to be replaced every couple of years.

  1. Flexibility For Area Rugs

Area rugs work really well with wood floors. They give you the benefits of carpeting while still enjoying the aesthetics and ease of wood floors.

  1. Rearranging Furniture is Easy

If you like to rearrange furniture now and then, wood flooring makes it a breeze, just be sure to have padding on the bottom of the furniture. On the downside, wood flooring means furniture can shift quite a bit with use. Consider non-slip pads under the feet of the couch to alleviate this problem.

It-874 by Surya


Carpeting – The Advantages

  1. It’s Warmer

Carpeting is perfect for walking around bare-footed. It’s a lot more comfortable and warmer than wood flooring, especially in the wintertime.

  1. Muffles Sounds

Rooms with carpeting are a lot less noisy. Soft items like tablecloths, blankets, cushions, and carpet absorb sound and help you avoid a hollow echo in the room.

  1. Selection and Aesthetics

There are a lot more carpeting options than wood. This means you will be able to find the exact carpeting you want for your home since the selection is almost endless.

  1. Furniture Stays in Place

This is a pro and con. When you want to move your furniture around, carpeting can be a nuisance since you cannot slide the heavier pieces. However, when you want your furniture to stay where it is, carpeting works well. You’ll end up moving furniture around less often than not which is great if you’re not keen on changing the layout too often.

Which Rooms Work Better With Wood or Carpeting?

Kitchens – Wood works best for kitchens. A water-resistant material works really well and if you want to add a rug, consider hardy outdoor rugs that can take the foot traffic and spills. These are especially good in front of the stove or sink – spots where you stand for a long time getting work done.

from The Jungalow
from The Jungalow

Living Room – Wood can take the high foot traffic and offers the ease of moving furniture around, but make sure to add an area rug for ambiance and warmth.

from Little Green Notebook
from Little Green Notebook

Dining Room – Wood floors are great beneath your dining room table. Add plush rugs or a flat weave to rest your table and chairs on in a color that ties in with your décor.

from Passion Shake
from Passion Shake

Bathroom – Neither carpeting nor wood work well in a bathroom. You need something more water resistant. Powder rooms, on the other hand, work well with wood flooring.

from Young House Love
from Young House Love

Bedroom – Carpeting is best. It will keep noise down and keep your toes a little warmer on chilly mornings. You can accent your room with shag and wool rugs for a plush, warm feel.

from PB&J Stories
from PB&J Stories

Upper level room – Carpeting works best in this area since wood flooring can be rather noisy for the rooms below. This is a double whammy if your bedroom is upstairs.

BLM-912A from Safavieh
BLM-912A from Safavieh

TV and Entertainment Rooms – Carpeting works best for sound quality. Consider area and plush rugs to divide the room up between adult and children spaces to create the perfect division.

CSB-847A by Safavieh
CSB-847A by Safavieh

Foyers – Wood floors with flat weave rugs can help your unique design make a grand entrance.

Luther by NuLoom
Luther by NuLoom

The Difference in Cost

Wood flooring tends to be more costly than carpeting. Some carpeting, though, could land up costing more per square foot, depending on the manufacturer and materials.

It’s tough to say one material is going to be cheaper than the other as there are so many variables, including makes, types of carpeting, installation costs, and materials needed for installation.

BO1521 by Dalyn
BO1521 by Dalyn

How About Laminate Flooring?

If your budget is flexible and you can accommodate wood flooring, go for it. It is more durable and there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

However, if your budget can’t stretch to wood or carpeting, consider laminate flooring. It looks just like wood, is cheaper, and is available in a wide range of colors and designs.

Like wood flooring, laminate flooring works well with area rugs, plush rugs and large rugs in living rooms, dining rooms and even bedrooms. Flat weave and durable rugs work best on laminate flooring in entrance ways and foyers.

Remember to measure your spaces properly before choosing rugs. If you prefer large rugs, there should always be a few inches of bare floor on show.

Plush Rugs offer a wide range of colors, textures, styles and designs for all rooms in your home. Take a look at our online store for the perfect match for your flooring.

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