Spring Cleaning Scheme

(Shhh don’t tell the kids! )

Last week marks the first, official day of Spring!  Now that spring is here, we can expect warmer weather…and unfortunately, spring cleaning. Let’s face it, nobody likes spring cleaning; unless you’re Monica Geller from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Knowing where to start is hard enough, but getting the family to pitch in is near impossible. Try to turn your dull chores into a fun event. (Pro tip: stay organized and approach with confidence)

For the competitive family:

Try this helpful checklist by cleanmama.net, or make your own based on your home’s needs. Then, assign points based on the difficulty of the task and the abhorrence of it. Complete tasks and keep track of the points to determine a Spring Cleaning Champion, who gets some brilliant pre-determined prize – choosing what to eat for dinner, or what movie to rent, for example.

For the family who needs a little motivation:

If your family isn’t competitive, or isn’t buying the “game” reference, try a monetary incentive. Just like you assigned points in the scenario above, assign a value to each chore and keep track of how much money everyone has earned. Present the final pay after all of the chores have been completed. By doing this, your tasks will be finished in a more timely manner. This hubpages.com sample chore chart can help you determine how much money is fair compensation for a certain task.

For the reluctant family:

So your family isn’t competitive and isn’t motivated by money. To boost morale, it’s really just important to make the process fun. Instead of using spray bottles, use squirt guns. Be sure to use non-toxic (preferably homemade) cleaner because squirt gun fights are inevitable. Plain water and soap works well for a number of different surfaces, but for more DIY recipes check out greatist.com. Another idea that works well is music. Turn on the stereo to turn a boring dusting day into an upbeat dance party. Don’t forget the reward! Surprise your family with a trip to the movie theater, bowling alley, or a favorite restaurant.


By making spring cleaning into an event, you will be making good, fun memories. Next year, they’ll be more inclined to help…

eye roll

…or at least not as unwilling 


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