Using a Statement Piece

Interior design is all about creating one look out of multiple, separate pieces. However, sometimes, a space needs a little pizazz. In order to prevent too much busy-ness or conflicting patterns and colors, many rely on a statement piece. A statement piece can be anything; a rug, accent wall, larger furniture items, or even light fixtures.

statement piece

When crafting a space around a statement piece, remember not to have too many elements competing for attention. The image above does a nice job of balancing the room between the statement wall and the dark chairs, which serve to anchor the right side of the room. Notice the majority of elements are light-toned and simply styled.


Buy your statement piece first – or at least pick it out. This piece is going to anchor your room; everything should connect back to it. It should represent the soul and personality of your room. By getting your statement piece first, you’ll have a more clear idea of what styles, colors and patterns will complement the space. It’s easier to have a foundation to build from than to try to find the integral puzzle piece that’s missing, to complete the picture.


When choosing this piece, keep in mind that you want it to stand out. The whole purpose of designing with a statement piece is to draw attention to it. Therefore, go bold! Choose an outrageous color or pattern. Go oversized. Get crazy with texture: shag, embossed wallpaper, stone, etc. Keep scale in mind. If you love that artistic light fixture, but you have high ceilings, make sure it is large enough to make an impact from that height. Finally, stay attuned to your own, personal style. For example, if you feel more conservative or neutral in styling your home, don’t feel like you have to get a fuchsia, hairy tapestry to make a statement. Remember that you will be living there, and it should fit your personality.

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