Design Style Defined: Contemporary

The Contemporary style is the most elusive, mostly because it’s always changing. Contemporary literally means, “of the present time; modern.” What the dictionary doesn’t tell us is that Contemporary and Modern style are not the same. The modern interior design style can probably be referred to as retro, now. It features rounded edges, plush rugs and pops of color; and while Contemporary style can utilize modern elements, it is different.


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Modern(: — this site has great furniture placement ideas!)


Contemporary: (: – check out their living room inspo!)


The Contemporary style encompasses a much more open floor plan and utilizes natural colors. While some features are Modern, the Contemporary style merges aspects from a number of different styles and unifies them in a new way.

Contemporary style is a living design style. As its definition states, it is of the present time. As trends change and design elements go in and out of fashion, so too, does the Contemporary style.

Most of these Contemporary designs include neutral elements, with a possible statement piece (often a rug, large piece of furniture, or statement wall) in a bold color. Softened tones, lines, and lighting will be found in this decor, as the focus for this style is harmony, comfort and sustainability. Designed with subtlety in mind, you won’t find as many accessories and adornment as you would in the Modern design style. Contemporary combines the basics of line, shape, and form with clean lines and soft texture with minimal graining. Typical fabrics in this category are silk, wool, cotton and linen. Surfaces are usually hard and sleek; think bamboo, blond woods, stone, ceramic, stained concrete or ebonized planks. The goals of this style are sleek, chic and unique.

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Need some inspiration? Check out wallpaper, rug, wall art, and furniture trends, common in Contemporary.


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