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Decorators and stylists know that rugs can be as effective off the floor as they are on it. Used in photo shoots and catalogs as wall hangings, rugs tend to be a secret weapon in the mission to create beautiful interesting rooms.

Hanging rugs on a wall can be a great way to create a statement. What’s more, the colors of the rug you choose are going to influence the space, changing the overall energy of the room.

If you’re not a fan of visual art, or simply want something different in your home, hanging a rug on a wall is the perfect alternative. It will create dimension, shadows and highlights and the textures will be warm and inviting.

Which Rugs Work on Walls?

Rugs with geometric designs are perfect as wall hangings. The designs work differently compared to wallpaper. You will find that the fibers tend to move organically, reacting to light and touch in natural, complex ways.

As for where to hang your beautiful textile, large walls, living rooms, bedrooms and stairways all work well.


from Apartment Therapy
from Apartment Therapy



How to Hang a Rug

Perhaps you picked up a pretty rug on your last trip abroad. Or, maybe, you have an heirloom you want to display. Maybe you’ve just decided a rug will look amazing hanging on the wall in your living room. Whatever your reasoning, there are several ways to hang an area rug.

The method you select is going to depend on the weight and size of the rug, where you want to hang it and your own preferences.


from Elle Decor
from Elle Decor


Method 1: Velcro

This is the most preferred method for hanging rugs in museums, such as The Textile Museum. Using Velcro is handy for hanging heavier rugs.

Loop tape can be sewn onto the back of the rug, just along the top edge. If the rug is a bequest or of high value, it’s a good idea to use a strip of unbleached and plain muslin or even canvas that is broader than the Velcro strip to prevent damage to the rug from contact with the Velcro.

This helpful video provides a ton of visual info on how to do the job well.

from Wood & Wool Stool
from Wood & Wool Stool


Attaching the Rug to the Wall

Staple the hook tape to a thin, straight piece of wood the same width as the rug. The piece of wood can then be mounted to the wall and the rug attached by connecting the Velcro strips.

It’s important to ensure that raw, untreated wood doesn’t come into contact with the rug. Using canvas or muslin will prevent this from happening.

For larger, heavier rugs, you may want to repeat the process several times so that there are three or more strips of wood stacked every couple of feet. This will help to better support the weight of the rug.


from The Design Files + Chelsea Hing
from The Design Files + Chelsea Hing


Method 2: Curtain Rods

Sew a heavy cotton casing onto the back of the rug to form a tube to insert the curtain rod through. Attach the casing close to the top of the rug and then mount the rod on appropriate brackets on the wall.

If the rug is an antique, or valuable, it’s a good idea to first attach a piece of unbleached muslin to it, running under the casing, in order to prevent the rod coming into contact with your rug.

Be sure to use a sturdy rod that can support the weight of the rug without the risk of it bending in the middle. For a decorative touch, try extending the rod a few inches beyond the rug’s edges and cap with ornamental ends.


from Esfahani
from Esfahani


A Few Important Tips

No matter which method you decide to use to hang your rug, there are a few tips to be keep in mind:

  • Never hang a rug directly above or too close to a heat source, such as a fireplace or vent.
  • Never hang a rug by pinning or nailing it to the wall. The weight of the rug pulling against nails can cause stress to the fibers, damaging the rug beyond repair.
  • If your rug has fringe, you can display it by letting it hang over the top of the rug, or tuck it behind the rug to hide it.


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