7 Great Dining Room Rug Ideas

A dining room rug provides a wonderful element of color and style on which to base your dining room. Below are eight examples of how a great area rug was used to enhance a dining room space.

1. Simply Symmetrical


Dining area and kitchen

With it’s simple neutral-colored floor, walls, and chairs, this dining room was easily jazzed up with a contemporary, geometric Nourison rug in shades of green, beige, and brown. From the Dimensions collection and hand tufted with 100% wool, it’s a long-lasting addition to this room. Other small touches of green in the artwork and the vases on the table pull the look together. Note the way the rug is against the wall so the table is off to the side, instead of the traditional way with the rug and table & chairs in the middle, creating a larger-looking room and, functionally, more room to walk through.


2. Traditional Round



When dealing with a smaller dining room and table, a round rug works well to create a cozy and intimate feeling, especially in an open floor plan where some visual separation may be needed. This elegant hand knotted wool rug in shades of burgundy and brown from Surya’s Taj Majal collection has a pile height of almost 2/3”, so it’s as plush as it is classy. The rug also comes in square and rectangular sizes in case that’s what your dining room needs.


3. Bright White



White may initially seem like a poor choice for a dining room, but if you choose a rug material that is very stain-resistant, like this 100% polyester Wonderland rug from Jaipur’s Fusion collection, there’s little need to worry. With a light, bright rug such as this, dark furniture pops, and can be a dramatic backdrop to brightly-colored tableware and accessories. 


4. Subtle Approach



Not everyone is looking for a bright, bold rug to be the centerpiece of their dining room. This hand knotted wool and silk transitional Hermitage area rug by Loloi in Aquamarine blends beautifully into the room; it’s an accent instead of the focal point. The dark wood table and matching shelf, as well as the bright upholstered chairs and dishes, are what stand out in the room, not the rug. It enhances, rather than dominates, the airy space.


5. Classic Fleur-De-Lis


Fleur-de-lis rugs are a great look for a sophisticated room. In this hand tufted KAS rug from the Jewel collection, made from 100% New Zealand wool, the border of the rug perfectly borders the dining set, and the light green shade is a nice backdrop for the red backing of the chairs. Other elegant touches in the room, such as the chandelier and marble columns, lend to the grandeur of the area. This rug also comes in a round size if that suits your dining room better.


6. Bright Shag




Retro decor and a mod white table are complemented by a colorful shag area rug in cool tones. The vibrant colors pop on a light-wood floor to become the showpiece of the room. The Barcelona Shag rug by Loloi has a plush 1.5” pile, and can work with a huge variety of decorating schemes.


7. Multipurpose




If you’re the type that likes to switch the look of your rooms frequently without spending a fortune, an indoor/outdoor rug is just the thing for you. During the warmer outdoor seasons, an indoor/outdoor rug can be used to brighten up a deck or patio, and during the cooler seasons it can be used to liven up another room in your home, like a dining room as shown above. This unique looped Garden Habitat rug by Kaleen features UV-treated yarn to prevent fading while it’s outside, and with it’s hand tufted polypropylene construction, it’s easy to clean to take inside!


There are many ways to use a great area rug to make a dining room more welcoming. Through color, shape, and texture, a dining room can be re-energized and enhanced with the right rug. Whatever your taste, PlushRugs.com has something available to suit you and your dining room!







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