Back To School: Using Rugs in Dorm Rooms and Apartments

Living in an apartment or dorm room can be difficult to personalize.  Don’t let the standard white walls and dorm furniture prevent you from bringing your style and personality to your temporary home.  Add a rug to the floor or wall to transform and customize your space.





There are numerous ways to utilize rugs besides on the floor.  If a wall is flawed and your landlord won’t repair it just for cosmetic reasons, a rug will easily hide any wall imperfections–it’s the perfect quick fix.


It’s common for dorm rooms and apartments to have bland wall colors, or even no color at all.  An easy alternative to painting is bringing in a colorful rug that matches with your theme, which will quickly bring in depth and warmth.


Rugs used as wall decor are not only aesthetically pleasing–they can also dampen noisy neighbors.  Sounds will be muffled so that you can get some peace and quiet when sleeping or studying.


If you plan on moving in the coming years, rugs will stand the test of time and can survive move after move.  Mass-produced artwork and posters are easy to damage and are so common–rugs offer originality and durability.




With this style of art, you don’t even need a frame to turn your blank walls into a creative masterpiece.  Since this isn’t a permanent place you’ll be living, you’ll want to make sure that the walls are left just as nice as when you first moved in.  Figuring out how to mount your rug isn’t as difficult as it seems.  There are many ways to do so, but for a dorm or apartment, it’s best to display your rug with a curtain rod by attaching fabric loops.  This won’t damage the wall and will hold the weight of the rug over time.


With a wide variety of options, you’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re looking for to define and personalize your space.  Shop online with us today!


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