Rugs as Art – From the Floor to the Wall

As an alternative to artwork, rugs are a fun way to bring in texture and color to a space.  Rugs are a secret weapon used in creating beautiful rooms and are just as effective off the floor as they are on.  Style your home like a professional decorator with these tips and tricks and your home will be sure to look picture perfect.


Before purchasing a rug, think about the wall space you are wanting to cover as well as what style of decor is in the room.  This will determine the size, colors, and textures you’ll want to go for.  When deciding on a color, either go with a neutral or match with like colors.


There are several ways to use rugs as art.


  • Make a gigantic statement with a rug that takes up the entire wall in a large room. This is a classic and effortless look that is an affordable way to cover a large space in terms of cost per inch.
  • Narrow runners, or small rugs, are perfect for creating little moments in transitional places.
  • Break up a flat painted wall with a textured rug to give extra depth and warmth.
  • Your bed is the focal point in your bedroom.  Utilize empty space above your headboard and draw the eye upwards by hanging a rug.  Or, you don’t even need a headboard at all–use a rug in place of a traditional headboard.
  • Children can be rough on walls.  A playroom is a great place for a hanging rug to protect your walls from damage.


After selecting a style and placement, decide on how you will display your rug.  There are many ways to do so, including nail-gunning it into place, framing it onto your wall with wood trim, or hanging it on a curtain rod.  Make sure that whatever framing method you choose, it is secure so it will hold the weight of the rug and stay in place.


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