I Put A Spell On You…

…and now, you’re mine!

Happy Halloween PlushRugs fans! In honor of this spooky holiday, we’re sharing rug inspiration from the movie about our 3 favorite witches, ‘Hocus Pocus‘!

We found rugs to represent Mary, Winifred, and Sarah. We also found inspiration from Max and Allison, to add a few other styles to the mix.

So, let’s get things started with Max!


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Obviously, we had to find a rug to represent his “California, laid-back, tie-dyed point of view” and of course, that teenage angst that can only be controlled by loud drums and stomping up stairs that go nowhere. This one was actually pretty easy.




This is our BS-01 from Barcelona Shag by Loloi and is sure to brighten up any room. If you’re looking to embrace your inner teenager-being-hunted-by-witches, this is the rug for you.

Next, let’s look to Allison for inspiration. More specifically, her Victorian themed Halloween party and elegant home.


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There is no shortage of traditional style rugs on PlushRugs.Com, and it’s the perfect style to represent this classy home and Halloween party. We chose VP10 from Versailles Palace by Nourison for 2 reasons.

1. It’s from the Versailles Palace collection – so it’s actually the perfect rug because we are pretty sure there’s a Marie Antoinette costume at that party.

2. It’s similar in color to Allison’s dress.




Now, for the best part of this blog post. The rugs to represent Mary, Sarah and Winifred! We started with their cape colors – purple, red, and green, and then searched until we spotted a rug that spoke to us.


(Google Search Image)

Sarah is a free spirit – singing, flirting, and flying a muck! When we spotted this rug, it reminded us of her cape billowing in the wind while she’s flying about the night sky, luring the children of Salem to her home. Plus, it has hints of red and yellow, which are perfect matches for her dress and long blonde hair.


Follow this rug into a land of magic.

Mary is a sense of calm and comfort among the sisters. She’s loyal, dependable and always there to help Winifred relax, remember the ingredients to soul sucking potions, or make preparations for turning to ash.




What type of rug is more comfortable than a plush shag? You can depend on shag rugs to always be in style and to look great in any room! It’s the perfect representation of Mary Sanderson.


A Very Mary Rug



And now, Winifred. She’s the leader of the coven, the best with potions, and determined to stay young and beautiful forever. Plus, this look. #judging




The challenge of finding a rug to reflect the perfection that is Winifred Sanderson was daunting. But then, like magic, this little beauty showed up in our search results. It’s got the greens and blues from her dress and the orange and reds from her hair. If there was ever a rug to represent Winifred, this is it.


The rug is sure to be young and beautiful forever.



And to end this ‘Hocus Pocus’ themed post, we leave you this one rug. We felt we needed a single rug to capture the essence of the entire movie (you know, in case you only need one rug). The NW12 New Wave by Momeni has a whimsical design, incorporating all of the Sanderson Sisters’ colors. And whether your decorating goal is to mimic the design of ‘Hocus Pocus’ or simply to bring a little autumn in to your home, we think this is the rug for you.




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