Creative Room Dividers

We know rugs are a great way to define living space in open concept homes, but creative room dividers can offer that vertical division that is sometimes necessary. The best part is that it’s not permanent and can easily transition to whatever you want it to be. There are numerous options, including movable, sliding, opaque, or hanging. Here are some of our favorite room divider ideas to bring into your home.

It can be difficult to break up an apartment that has a completely open floor plan. A large room divider wall cut the room in half to create a living space and a bedroom.  Look for something that can double as a home entertainment system on one side, and a closet with shelving and hanging space on the other.

This could be as simple as a large bookcase that you add hooks and shelves too on the back – like this idea from Better Homes and Gardens.


Or, you can craft something a little more custom like this IKEA hack featured on Apartment Therapy.


Refurbish rustic old doors that you find at salvage yards, flea markets, and garage sales. Touch them up with a light sanding and paint. Hinge them together and you’ve got yourself a swanky room divider. Find more salvaged door inspiration on the Dishfunctional Designs Blog.



Shipping pallets are also perfect. Pallets can also function as a photo board, too. Lightly sand and paint, and you’re good to go. My Friend Staci has a how to on her blog.




For a retro twist, collect old vinyl records, drill holes into each record, and connect with metal rings. Suspend each strand from the ceiling to the floor. Add paint if you want a more colorful, geometric look. This would be perfect to break up an open music studio.

TerraCycle Office

Hang curtains on a curtain rod suspended from the ceiling with rings or hooks. You can easily open and close the curtains for when you want privacy. This look is great for a dorm room–if you want to nap but your roommate needs to study, simply pull the curtains closed. Apartment Therapy  has the How To.



Bookshelves are so classic and easy to install. It can have a finished or unfinished backing. Stand your bookshelf in the center of the room and style by arranging books, photos, and plants in an artistic fashion. We like open back bookcases to keep from feeling too closed in, like this one from


Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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