Talking Fast and Keeping Cozy – “Guess The Rug” Part 2

We kicked off this “Guess the Rug” series with our Modern Family Post, and are pleased to bring you the second installment featuring your favorite fast talkers – The Gilmore Girls! With Netflix’s recent release of “A Year in the Life,” Gilmore Girls was the obvious next post.

Choosing a set proved to be difficult though. Do we feature The Gilmore Mansion with it’s traditional and grand decor? Or the Dragonfly Inn with it’s country chic vibe? Let’s go to where it all began – Lorelai’s cozy home.


After scouring a handful of set photos, you’ll notice a hodgepodge collection of mismatched rugs all over the floors. If you’re trying to get the Lorelai Gilmore look, you’ll have an easy go at it, nothing really has to match! The focus is cozy, functional, and warm. We imagine Lorelai’s rug collection grew every time she happened upon a soft round rug. We also spotted a few traditional style rugs – she probably inherited those from Emily whenever she redecorated the mansion.

Combining a mixture of braided, vintage looking rugs with traditional patterned rugs is sure to give your home a Lorelai-esque touch. Here is what we found.

The Nourison Craftwork collection is a braided dream. With a wide variety of color and shape combinations, you’re sure to find something to meet your cozy needs.





If solid colors and cheaper prices are more your thing, check out this pale blue braided beauty from Safavieh! (Comes in round, square and oval!)



Lorelai would also be a fan of this cloud like wonder from Infinity Home Source.  Just imagine drinking your early morning coffee with your feet snuggled into the softness!



And finally a few traditional rugs that would have looked magnificent in the Gilmore Mansion, but also colorful enough for Lorelai to except into her home as well.

Search 4810 (Red) at


Search 2210 (Blue) from Nourison 2000 by Nourison at

What do you think? Will you be taking design tips from The Gilmore Girls? Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to play along with our future ‘Guess the Rug” series. If you have a TV show “rug-spiration” idea or any questions tell us in the comments!


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