Cost-effective tips for heating your home

Frigid temperatures bring cozy decor and time spent by the fire. It can also bring high electrical bills. If you’re shocked by how expensive it is to heat your home, use these cost-effective tips to stay warm all winter long.

(image from google search)
(image from google search)

A programmable thermostat lets you choose how to heat your home when you’re away during the day. Program it to turn down about 10 degrees while you’re away, and have it heat back up before coming home in the evening. You’ll save up to 15% at the end of the year on your bill.

Image from DIY Network
Image from DIY Network

Drafty windows are a huge reason you’re losing heat. Cover your windows with plastic to keep out the cold with an insulation kit, which helps you inexpensively secure plastic sheets with tape and tightly shrink wrap to your windows using a hair dryer. Check out the DIY Network’s How To here.


Prevent heat from seeping out by filling in insulation gaps and cracks around your home. Use caulk or use weatherstrips on floorboards, baseboards, and around windows. Find a How To at This Old House.

Adding a storm door with low-emission glass or coating builds another layer to protect you from the elements. This costs more money up front, but in the long run it can reduce up to 50% of energy loss.

Block the winter chill and summer heat with thermal curtains. Keep them closed during the day to cut your bill by 20%.


Resist cranking up the heat by adding layers!. Fluffy blankets, robes, slippers and big cozy rugs will do wonders in keeping your bills down.

Another temporary fix is moving your furniture around heat sources and away from external walls. The perfect solution for absorbing the cold from an external wall is a tall bookshelf, like this one from


Hot air rises, so reverse the direction of your ceiling fan to push that hot air back into the room. It should rotate counterclockwise in the summer, and clockwise in the winter.

What tips do you have for making frigid temperatures more enjoyable? Comment below!

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