8 Area Rug Ideas by Home Decor Bloggers

One of the best parts of our jobs here at PlushRugs is to see how our customers style the rugs in their homes. Sometimes, we even have bloggers write about their experiences using our rugs and website. We do our best to show off their hard work on our social media, but it can get lost in all of the area rug sharing. So, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorites from the end of 2016! The creativity and skill of our blogging partners shows just how much impact a rug can make in a room. Be sure to visit these lovely ladies’ blogs and follow them on social media – they have so many great ideas beyond styling rugs!

1. Cassie Bustamante – Adding Color to the Playroom

“Bringing Color into the Playroom with a New Rug”

Image Property of Cassie Bustamante
Image Property of Cassie Bustamante

Cassie writes about bringing a little color into a formerly black and white decorated playroom and discusses how her kids reacted to the PlushRugs rug she ended up choosing.

“…having a nice bright rug like this truly opens up the room.”

Cassie’s playroom had been through some rough times with flooding issues causing some complete overhauls of the room. After taking a look around, Cassie wanted to add a bit of color to match the energy her kids brought to the room. We worked with Cassie to find a beautiful and colorful shag NuLoom rug that complimented the current shades of the room while bringing a bright and joyful presence. The rug certainly helps in distributing the only light source so that both her and her kids don’t have to feel gloomy when playing! Be sure to check out Cassie’s blog for the full post and pictures.

2. Earnest Home Co. – The Tale of Two Rugs

“Our Living Room Redesign”

Image Property of Earnest Home Co.
Image Property of Earnest Home Co.

Erin documents the entire process of redesigning her downstairs living room and dining space. The “before and after” photos are simply amazing. She chose a PlushRugs Rug for her new living room decor – and it looks great!

“…[I] love how bright and light it makes the room look.”

Erin’s living room was the result of a long process of updating and refreshing that ended with one simple problem – which rug to use? Originally, Erin had planned for a colorful kilim to complete her space as we worked with her on a separate project for her attic. Needing the attic space to flatten our the kilim, Erin temporarily swapped the rugs and loved what she saw, thus beginning her dilemma. In the end, Erin chose to keep the Moroccan shag rug in the living room as a compliment to the decor. See Erin’s blog for the full story and reveal!

3. Style Mutt Home – Christmas Living Room Makeover

“Celebrating Christmas || Our Holiday Home Tour”

Image Property of Style Mutt Home
Image Property of Style Mutt Home

Chelsea found the perfect jute rug to update her living room just in time for the holidays.

“…our ‘Christmas home’ feels the most personal this year.”

Finding the right living room rug can make or break a room, and Chelsea understands that. With the choice of a natural jute rug from NuLoom, her living room pulls together the neutral tones of the room to create a grounded feel. With the holidays right around the corner, the green and red decor meshes perfectly with the color of the jute, allowing their colors to thrive. Be sure to check out Chelsea’s post to see the rest of her Christmas tour, and how she made a tree skirt out of a vintage rug!

4. Making it in the Mountains

“Farmhouse Christmas Dining Room”

Image Property of Making it in the Mountains
Image Property of Making it in the Mountains

Chelsea isn’t the only one who utilized a rug for her Christmas makeover! Kristi gave her dining room a holiday touch featuring one of our plush rugs.

“It brings such a rich and cozy texture to the space…”

Kristi had been working long and hard to update her dining room, and it certainly shows. Adding beautiful decor in all aspects, the room exhibits a clean and comfy feel that is just perfect for the holidays. To find the perfect dining room rug, Kristi worked with us to find a rug with the right texture and materials to ensure a cozy space. Kristi picked out a beautiful Jaipur Braiden wool rug that complimented her other decor choices. See Kristi’s full post for more pictures and a complete look at her dining room!

5. Hawthorne and Main

“Guest Bedroom Makeover (Week 6)”

Image Property of Hawthorne and Maine
Image Property of Hawthorne and Maine

Shonee participated in the #OneRoomChallenge and the before and after photos of her new guest room are astounding! Plus, she’s blogging all the DIY tutorials so you can get the look.

“One of the first things that I notice when I walk in here is how cozy my feet feel. I have never had such a plush rug before.”

The One Room Challenge is a true test for all design and decor bloggers, and Shonee doesn’t shy away from the task. In her guest bedroom reveal she showcases a cool, invigorating space that will delight any guest. Shonee chose one of the plush Safavieh Casablanca rugs to bring together the room and allow her color choices to stand out while enjoying the hand tufted material of the rug. Check out Shonee’s blog post to see the rest of the room!


“New Living Room Rug”

Image Property of crazyWONDERFUL
Image Property of crazyWONDERFUL

Shelley’s favorite jute rug had acquired a huge hole and she decided it was time to part ways. She writes about her experience with her new Safavieh Jute Rug that she found on PlushRugs.com!

“The price is amazing and it goes with just about anything.”

Replacing an old rug isn’t easy. Shelly’s living room rug had served her well, but was showing its age with holes popping up left and right. Not wanting to abandon the beautiful jute style, Shelly chose a brand new Safavieh Jute rug to keep her style while giving a new breath of life into the room. As you can tell, Shelly’s living room shines with a natural feel in both light and decor. Be sure to check out Shelly’s post as she goes into some details on the characteristics of jute and natural fiber rugs.

7. The Painted Home

“6 Cozy Area Rugs to Add to Your Home”

Image Property of The Painted Home
Image Property of The Painted Home

Denise recently added one of our shag rugs to her living and in this blog post she talks about using our site and shares 6 rugs you can use in your home!

“[My kids] have never laid on the floor as much as they have since this new shag rug from Plush Rugs arrived! It’s like adding another sofa to the room.”

Denise recently chose a Cleo shag rug from Loloi to add a bit of cushion to her living room. A master designer and Philadelphia local, Denise is no stranger decor makeovers. Bringing together a farmhouse style, the shag rug blends perfectly with her furniture while adding a layer of comfort. While her kids were hesitant about bringing shag into the room, even they came around to loving the feel under their feet! Read Denise’s full post on her blog to see the full reveal, as well as 5 more rugs to add to your living room.

8. Brenda Bird

“10+ Rainy Day Activities + Free Shadow Puppet Printables”

Image Property of Brenda Bird Designs
Image Property of Brenda Bird Designs

Brenda wrote this great article about rainy day activities that can be done right in your own living room on a cozy area rug!

“It added that coziness and warmth that we needed in the living room as well as the padding needed when we stay indoors away from another day of rain.”

Brenda first contacted us because she needed a rug that would work for her family with allergies. We helped her sort through materials that would work for her, and after finding the perfect Safavieh Courtyard rug she wrote this great article about rainy day activities that can be done right in your own living room on a cozy area rug. Head over to Brenda’s blog to see her full list of rainy day activities.

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