An Ode to Paper Marbling

An ode to the ancient art of paper marbling, these rugs can add a literal splash of swirling color to your eclectic home. Enjoy this modern take on an historical craft in your own contemporary surroundings.

Paper marbling is an impressive art form which has spanned over the last 1000 years of Western, Asian and Middle Eastern decorative arts history. You may recognize the art of marbled paper from the endpaper book bindings found in literature of the past, and the linings of vintage storage chests and furniture drawers.

A surface design technique, the marbled look is traditionally created with the use of floating pigment colors on a combination of water, oil and sizing, and transferring them onto paper or even fabric. A shallow bath of water impregnated with oil or a surfactant is instilled with pigments. These brightly pigmented colors are raked and swirled with combs, brushes and styluses in both random and systematic patterns. Paper or fabric is laid upon the mixture, removed quickly, and left to dry. The resultant effect is an image infused with the unique movement and patterns created by the artist just moments before.

Artists and designers of today feel free to utilize interpretations of this ancient technique in printmaking, book and magazine illustration, and surface decoration- such as gift wrap and textile design.

You can even create your own marble paper by following the tutorial here:
Or try this fun method using shaving cream!

These rugs seek to emulate the many unique visual effects created by artisans specializing in this historical craft. Feathered colors, swirling and undulating themes, and a rainbow of abstract forms can be found in our artfully curated collection of rugs inspired by this vibrant technique.

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