Durable Flooring Options

Homeowners know how big of an investment flooring is, and choosing the wrong type for any room in your home can be disastrous. Daily wear, children, pets, and moisture can cause serious damage to your flooring if you’re not selective. There are options that are not only durable but stylish, so no sacrifices need to be made–you can have both. Consider these durable flooring options for whatever life throws at you.

hardwood floor

Hardwood flooring has staying power because it can have many lives–it can be sanded and stained again and again. It’s one of the most durable materials on the market with its timeless and classic appearance. Hardwood can be used in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and entryways, pretty much anywhere that doesn’t have a high level of moisture. If you want the strongest, choose oak or maple.


Laminate often is second runner up to hardwood, but it offers something that wood does not: resistance to moisture. If you have pets or children, this offers a easy cleanup for messes and scratch resistance. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements are great matches for laminate.

Photo from HGTV
Photo from HGTV

Linoleum flooring isn’t your grandmother’s flooring–it has come a long way in recent years. Do yourself a favor and erase the bad mental image of retro flooring from the 50’s or 80’s. It’s a popular choice because it’s durable, especially sheet linoleum. Linoleum has a protective coating that prevents scratches, sun and moisture damage.


Another flooring option making a comeback is vinyl, which sets itself apart with its ability to resemble various types of flooring materials. It’s durable, moisture resistant, and versatile, being ideal in the kitchen because it’s softer and easy on your feet.


Ceramic tile is most common in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, and laundry rooms because of its resiliency to moisture. Tile is extremely easy to clean and is durable in that it will not easily chip. Whatever look you’re going for, you will be surprised at the wide range of styles, colors, and shapes.

Whichever flooring option you choose, don’t forget a nice floor rug to complete the look! Shop online with us today!


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