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It can be hard to choose just one style of rug for your space, especially with the wide variety Plush Rugs has to offer. If you’re looking for an alternative to trellis patterns, we’ve got you covered–we have any style you could dream of and more. To help narrow down your decision, here are the most common rug styles to help you find the perfect rug for your home.

Traditional Rug Patterns
Traditional rugs feature vine and floral motifs with borders rich in color. These rugs usually have contemporary, neutral colors in the border and center medallions, featuring damask, paisley, or geometric edging. This style originated in Persia and is usually made of wool, silk, or cotton. Their elaborate borders can help define seating and dinning areas, which bring a classic look to a room.

BLM219A (Navy)  from Blossom by Safavieh


Ikat Technique
Ikat comes from the Indonesian word “mengikat” meaning “to tie.” It is a textile dying technique used to recreate traditional prints made from wool by dying the threads prior to weaving, giving the design a unique blurred or fuzzy pattern. This adds a global worldly look to any space with their bright colors.

FT-113 (Tan, Clover)  from Frontier by Surya


Shag Rugs
Shag rugs instantly add texture to a room and come in a variety of materials, like flokati wool, leather, acrylic, faux and real fur. Shag rugs heighten the sense of warmth and movement in a space and are seen in contemporary and minimalist homes. Keep in mind that these rugs cannot be vacuumed–to clean, shake and comb by hand.

RSG521-8484 (Charcoal Grey)  from Rhapsody Shag by Safavieh


Striped Pattern Repeats
Striped rugs direct visual flow of a room and inject motion with straight, wavy, and horizontal stripes. Match the stripes to the size of the room. For example, wide stripes can be appropriate for large rooms and thin stripes for small rooms.

NAN142A (Pink, Multi)  from Nantucket by Safavieh


Geometric Flair
Geometric rugs with their repeating shapes and symmetrical motifs are a steadfast partner for blending designs. Pair a geometric pattern with a soft pattern, like florals or solid-colored textures to tie the entire room together.

RNA-1003 (Navy, Coral)  from Renata by Surya


Southwestern Style
Southwestern rugs lend a rustic and earthy feel to decor and reflect the rich cultural history and heritage of the Native American people. They are made of wool and contain symbols, figures, and designs in bold colors representing spirituality.

KLM824A (Ivory, Multi)  from Kilim Wool & Cotton .63 by Safavieh


Whichever pattern you fall in love with, we have a large selection sure to match your style. Shop online with us today!

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