Quick Guide to Rug Sizing

After deciding on your personal style and which rug is right for the room, it can be difficult to know exactly what your space needs as far as rug size and furniture arrangement.  Get the look you want in your home with this easy to follow standard rug size and placement guide for your bedroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen.
2-Quick Guide
Bedroom Rug Sizing
Start with your bedroom.  No matter the size of your bed, your rug should extend 36” or so around the bed.  Standard sizes are 5′ x 8′ for twin, 8′ x 10′ for queen, and 9′ x 12′ for king.
3- Bedroom
Living Room Rug Sizing
Next, focus on the living room.  Place the front two legs of each furniture piece on the rug.  Standard sizes include 8′ x 10′, 9′ x 12′, and 11′ x 14′.  For smaller living rooms, try a 5′ x 8′.
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Dining Room Rug Sizing
Then, focus on the dining room.  Choose a rug that extends about 24” beyond each side of the dining room table.  Standard sizes include 8′ x 10′ and 9′ x 12′.
5- Dining Room
Kitchen Sink Rug Sizing
End with the kitchen.  A small, 2′ x 3′ half round or rectangular rug in front of the sink is ideal.
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How to Determine an Appropriate Rug Size
Keep in mind that your room may not perfectly fit into each of these categories.  If that’s the case, you can easily determine the correct rug size by measuring the room, taking into consideration the size of the furniture, and ordering a rug based on those measurements.  Simply choose the width and length of rug you’re looking for under the size tab, and you’ll see every Plush Rug we have with those measurements.
7- How to Determine Size
How to Use Plush Rugs Search Categories for Sizing Ease
Our rugs are also divided into categories so that you can easily narrow down your search by choosing a standard size: small, medium, large, extra large, and runners.  Small rugs don’t take up much floor space have a length of less than 5 feet.  Medium rugs are between 5′ 1” and 8′ 6” in length, perfect for apartments, college dorm rooms, and smaller rooms in the home.  Large rugs range from 8′ 6” to 12′ long and are great for bigger rooms seeing more traffic.  All rugs in the extra large category have a length longer than 12 feet and are a prominent part of the room.  Runners are dividers and connectors, making them great for open floor plans.
8-How to Use Plush
Let Plush Rugs Help You Find the Perfect Rug 
Let us help you find the perfect rug for each and every room of your home today!

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