Layering Rugs for Eclectic Style

layered area rugs jaipur

Rugs are extremely important for the interior design of a room. They can set the tone for an entire space and really make or break it visually, so why limit yourself to just one rug? Bring the new flooring trend of layered area rugs to your home with these tips:

Jaipur area rugs layered

If your home has a large seating area and you’re having a problem with floating furniture, layering multiple rugs can help define your space. As a general rule of thumb, approximately 10 to 20 inches of bare floor should be between the edges of an area rug and the walls of the room with all furniture pieces sitting on the rug, but if it feels too spaced out and isn’t quite working for the room, layer a smaller rug in the center of the area rug to ground the space.

jaipur living red dining room layered rugs

One of the main reasons people like layering rugs is because it gives them the opportunity to experiment with multiple colors. To make a statement, layer color-on-color in complimenting shades that match one another and the surrounding decor. Others find that a colored rug covering the entire floor to be too much color, so layering a neutral rug will tone down the base color. Patterned rugs are a litter trickier to layer than solid colors, but it’s certainly possible. Use colors that are the same intensity in the same hues. Experiment with texture to add depth. Switch it up and use rugs in different shapes and textures, like layering anything soft on top of a flat weave. Work from the same company in coordinating collections with similar tones, such as these images from Jaipur Home. Even try layering a sheepskin rug on top of a jute rug. The sky is the limit!

jaipur living collection of layered rugs

Highlight a special piece of furniture like a coffee table or chest by layering a smaller rug on top of a larger one. This draws attention to the center of the room and directs the eye to that specific area. It can also do the opposite by drawing attention away from an area. If there’s some architectural feature or imperfection you want to mask, pull the eye away from it with a layered rug in another part of the room.

The great news is that layering rugs looks amazing and isn’t as difficult to do as it seems. Have fun with color, pattern, and texture and make this decorating technique work for you by trusting your eye and going with your gut. Shop online with Plush Rugs to bring double the amount of cozy to your home today.

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