Trending: New Rug Styles for 2018 with PlushRugs

Welcome in 2018 with fabulous offerings from Plush Rugs! Move your style forward with these fun and functional flooring picks- featuring this coming year’s most cutting-edge trends. From tribal abstracts to layered and loose looks, we have more than a few ideas to help guide your design decisions for the new year! So read on with us, and find the perfect centerpiece for your abode.

Moroccan Inspired

MCS-2304 from Moroccan Shag by Surya

Hearkening back to the “Kingdom of the West”, Moroccan-inspired interiors are this year’s go-to style to change up otherwise drab interiors. Inspired by the tile and fretwork of Moroccan architecture, Moroccan-inspired rugs give us a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Tribal patterns atop deep hues of orange and teal, black background patterns which change from left to right, and an almost uncontrolled use of wild color combinations lead us to this hot look. Consider layering rugs atop one another to combine this season’s two most bohemian trends. For more Moroccan Style inspiration, read “15 Moroccan Designs Trending in Rugs.”

Tribal Abstracts

Tiebele from National Geographic Home Collection Cotton Fw by Jaipur

Adding international flair and interest to almost any room in the house, tribal patterns are a great way to add a pop of contrast to your floors. Geometric patterns mixed with solid backgrounds, tribal patterns can take inspiration from the entire global community.

This visual flexibility means that you can outfit your home with works which give a nod to multiple design genres. Looking best in a flat-weave or low-pile, tribal abstracts can be purchased with a minimum of cost.

Layered Look

Trending for 2018: Layered Area Rugs.

Taking inspiration from fashion, set yourself loose and layer your favorite rugs. This complex new look can be achieved by mixing and matching rugs of similar or even contrasting colorways, patterns, or styles.

Working well with the newly popular and eclectic looks of Moroccan-inspired and artsy interiors, layered rugs are this season’s go-to design detail. Pop a bright rug atop a monotone one, and voila! -your room will sing. For more tips on the art of layering rugs, see our blog post, “Layering Rugs for Eclectic Style”

White Rugs

Gynel Cloudy Shag from Airy Shag by NuLoom

Rising from the ashes of last year’s ever-so-popular Hygge style, white rugs are here and making a new statement for 2018. Simple, plush, and shaggy, white rugs add a hint of glamour and comfort to any environment.

Working as both a grounding element and a simple swath of visual purity, white rugs add a fresh and clean appeal to your home. For more white rugs, see our blog post, “White Area Rugs – Trending this Season.”

Two-Tone Minimal

Trending for 2018: Two-Tone Minimal

Bump up your minimal style with the contrast provided by this year’s black and white two-tone rugs.

Embracing many design styles, these minimal masterpieces can lean modern or traditional, it’s your choice. Combine them with brightly colored furniture, and you have created the newest minimalist-pop aesthetic for the coming year.

Shibori Style

Trending for 2018: Shibori Style

You will recognize the Japanese art of Shibori- fabric knotting, folding and dying (most commonly in Indigo hues) in the new rug patterns of 2018.

Repetitive geometric patterns with just a hint of change throughout, Shibori inspired rugs are luxe and versatile. The origins of modern tie-dye are taken to new heights of style with these beautiful Asian-inspired rugs.

Art Statements

Trending for 2018: Statement Pieces

Bring the luxury and interest of the art world to your place with the purchase of an artistic statement rug. Typified by colors and patterns which vary throughout the piece, artistically inspired rugs remind us of the artworks of abstract expressionists, impressionists, and the like.

Swirling hues, contrasting colors, and varying textures and pile heights, artistic statement rugs bring life and verve to the room of your choice. We have more inspiration in “Rugs Imitating Art.

No matter what the style, Plush Rugs can help to guide you in your flooring choices for the new year. Click on the images above to find out how to purchase these gems. Bonne année !

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