Ultra Violet – Pantone’s Color of the Year in Rugs

What is the best way for you to embrace Ultra Violet, this year’s color of the year from Pantone? With rugs, of course. So let’s bring this color, evocative of “mindfulness,spirituality, creativity, experimentation, and non-conformity” to your home today.

Follow along for some of the most cutting-edge, plush, and easily incorporated rug styles to brighten up your 2018 floor decor.

Vibrancy, saturation, and visual drama are all key features of deep violet. The magic of rugs is that you can afford to follow a trend and instill the look of the year without committing yourself any more than necessary. Pantone has created a swath of purple hues for you to compliment almost any decor. Choose your favorite and add just enough violet-tinged magic to your home to follow this latest fashion.

Let’s explore the stylish Vintage Mandie rug from NuLoom. We love this high-vibe pop of color for your living space. A gorgeous mix of purples and oranges in geometric shapes, this rug operates as a statement piece- suitable for almost any decorating style. With a traditional pattern mixed with modern color flair, Mandie can work in a variety of environments.

For a softer and more feminine touch, consider adding the Aberdine rug by Surya to your decor. Gentle purple intertwines easily with white paisley patterns, making this piece a subtle showstopper. The Aberdine rug works easily in a bedroom or living room area, thanks to its gracious patterning and timeless style.

With large rugs with solid hues, such as the stylish and transitional Antique rug from Surya, you can embrace this solid pop of color into your living space. A gorgeous mix of both light and deep purples, the Antique rug operates as a grounding piece, suitable for almost any decorating style or environment.

For a thoroughly bohemian rug, look no further than Rustic Romance by Momeni. This rug embraces texture while illuminating richly variant colorways. It is styled much like an abstract watercolor painting. It’s possible to incorporate violet this year without making it a dominant theme in your room style. Pieces like this mix trendy and traditional colors seamlessly to integrate your home into this new era- without overwhelming your space.

Let PlushRugs help you to find the right UltraViolet rug for your home!

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