How to Design Around the Ugly Carpeting in your Home

Most of us have some aspect of our homes or apartments that we cannot change, either because of budget reasons or a strict leasing agreement that leaves us with no wiggle room for permanent fixes. As many can attest, oftentimes the issue is ugly carpeting. You know all about it- landlord beige, mystery spots, pet-stains, fading, or just the wrong color for your decorative style. How to deal? Let PlushRugs help! With the right rug selection, texture, and color, your eyesore carpeting can be a thing of the past.

Cover It Up with Layers

Color-coordinated Patchworks
As you may know, the current hot design trend in rugs is layering. Layered rugs give your room a textured, free-flowing and bohemian look- all an integral part of flooring design trends of 2018. Choose pieces which contrast, and feel free to mix and match patterns and style. In this case, more is more! Layered rugs give you the opportunity to fill odd-shaped spaces, and give a visual ‘reason’ for their placement. Have fun with this one!

Create a Distraction with a Focal Wall

Create a Distraction with a Focal Wall

If you don’t want to look down, then look up! Consider adding a pop of vibrancy or interest to your room with a focal wall color addition, or a vignette area to showcase your favorite images. Choose the color most dominant in your scheme or go with a complimentary color- a shade opposite your favorite on the color wheel. By encouraging your visitor to look up rather than down, you have successfully pulled off Design 101- Fooling the Eye with Color and Interest. A focal wall can be a wonderful space to show off your favorite possessions and colors, all while serving the purpose of distracting from your ugly flooring.

Strategic Furniture and Rug Placement

When all else fails, cover it up! Yes, you heard us, just cover up what you hate the most, but do it with flair. Move furniture pieces away from walls and anchor them to large area rugs placed artfully on your ugly carpet. This leaves just border of carpet to contend with on the perimeter of your room. Create focus areas- separate seating and conversation areas which require several rugs in each room beneath them. Lastly, pick strong colors or patterns to further distract the eye.

Texturize the Room

Another hot design trend for 2018 is an abundance of texture making its way into our living spaces. Use thick high pile rugs, shag rugs, and densely woven rugs along with accessories like large knitted throws, woolen upholstery and the like to achieve this cozy style. Any low texture items such as glass and mirrors will enhance your ugly carpet, so stay away from anything reflective. Think soft, cozy, patterned, and textured.

Make it Look Intentional- Blend It In

COT-1935 from Continental by Surya

And last but certainly not least, consider the age-old trick of blending it in! Learn to embrace your ugly carpet by choosing its dominant colorway and run wild with it. Find a paint card in the color of your carpet and follow the darker and lighter hues above and below it to find a more expansive color range to work with. More than anything, this process means embracing a total color scheme and learning to love something that was an issue in the past.
Let PlushRugs help you find the perfect rug to cover that problem area in your home! It just takes a bit of ingenuity and a few minutes of set-up and voila- your ugly carpet is no more!

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