Curtain Guide: 6 Ways Using Curtains Brings Spring Indoors

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Spring is a season of change. We love to find new ways to welcome spring into our homes. This spring, think about changing your window treatments.

Curtains can make a big design statement while still being understated. Changing the curtains and other textiles can change the entire room without the expense of having to spring for new furniture.

It’s a myth that professional custom window treatments are a requirement to make a room feel more complete.

With the number of options available online, you can usually find a good fit for your home by yourself. This project could be just as simple as hanging new panels on the existing rod, and it could make a huge impact in the design of your room.

Windows provide a view of the spring season as it changes from winter to summer. No matter the day’s weather, curtains frame the windows and bring warm spring energy indoors. The impact can be particularly successful when paired in harmony with other textiles, such as rugs, throws or pillows.

Clean White

KG-01 Blue Fog Rug Kensington Loloi White Curtains Glass Table

This year, spring cleaning can begin by swapping out your home decor! Clean white curtains are the perfect choice for spring.

Isn’t it great that a color change can leave the impression that a space is cleaner? White curtains or neutral colors can leave a room feeling clean and relaxed.

It creates a calming effect that will greet you at the door when you come home.

White and neutral colors on your window treatments provide an opportunity for other features to take center stage, like a rug or other textiles. In the photo above, designers paired long white curtains with a blue fog rug for a clean, fresh look that is easily replicated in any home.

HQL-8001 Rug From Harlequin by Surya Floral Brown Rug Green Bed

White curtains also work well with a bold pattern on a rug or bedspread for a fresh, energizing look! If you have a colorful rug that you absolutely love, like this rug from the Sura Harlequin Collection, white curtains can make the room feel complete.

Pop of Color

HQL-8010 Rug From Harlequin by Surya Stripes Blue Couch

Maybe a pop of color is a better fit for your personality?

Nothing says springtime like bright colors.

For 2018, one of the best ways to welcome spring in your home is through the use of color in your window treatment. There are many ways to use a pop of color to embrace this season.

Color can be used to draw the eye when you walk into a room. Warm colors, like red, yellow or orange, can add energy to a space. Cool colors, like blue, green and purple, can add a calming feeling. Brown hues add a feeling of luxury. Pinks can add romance. Black is often associated with power or elegance.

As early bulbs begin to grow and bloom, the spring season is a great time to embrace a new color in your home, especially through the framing of your windows. There are so many effects you could express through the color you frame your windows with.

If you are considering bright, colorful curtains, you always have the option of continuing the color onto the floor, like this beautiful striped rug from the Sura Harlequin Collection. If you are looking for less drama without sacrificing style, consider completing the room with something calmer but also gorgeous, like this understated grey medallion patterned rug by Dynamic Rugs Imperial Collection.


PG-01 from Persian Garden by Momeni Rustic

Curtain height really highlights what makes your space unique. Changing the height of a window draws eyes to a different place on the wall.

Curtains hung well above the top of a window will bring the eye up and make the window feel larger. Curtain height can be used to highlight architectural detail specific to your home or to camouflage a feature that you wish you could change.

Do you have small windows and a darker room? Hanging curtain panels to reach floor to ceiling and hang beyond the edges of the window can make a small window feel bigger. 

Do you have lower ceilings? If you are wanting to make the impression that the ceiling is taller than it is, traditional drapes that run from ceiling to floor can be used to make a clean modern statement.

A lower height can also add privacy without completely blocking the natural light. Hanging panels lower along an architectural detail in your home can draw attention to the little details that make your home unique. Designers paired romantic low hanging curtains with a teal blue Persian garden rug by Momeni to create the luxurious space pictured above.


Stocksnap White chair Wooden Floor Blue Couch Bright Room

This is a great time to bring something fresh and new into your home! If you find a new pattern you love, go for it!

You don’t have to be nervous to use a trendy pattern in your window treatments because curtain panels don’t always have to be a large expense.

 You can find affordable options online, meaning you can always change them at a later date if you get tired of a color or pattern (but if it’s something you really love, you won’t need to worry).

Unsplash Morning Living Room Couch Coffee Table Blue Green Grey

If you are considering a bold, colorful curtain pattern, try pairing it with a complementary neutral flooring or rug. Try something light grey and geometric, or this no-brainer neutral rug option. It can really anchor the room to make the space feel cozier.


Unsplash Kids Room Wall Stripe Pink Bed

You do not need to hire an expert to create a custom length for your window treatments. You can get the custom fit you crave without having to attempt a difficult DIY project.

Curtain length can be changed with very little skill required.

Are you wanting to cut and hem a long window treatment? Thanks to the invention of seam tape, you don’t have to know how to sew to change the length of your curtains. Hem tape can be permanent, like an iron-on adhesive, or extremely temporary, using removable fabric tape.

If you are looking for a way to add length to your curtain panels, large drapery rings are an affordable fix on any budget, plus they allow long panels to open and close more easily.

Drapery rings and hem tape also allow you to easily experiment with different textiles as window treatments, like flat sheets and drop cloths!

Unsplash wood platform bed white curtains blue walls

Use the money you can save by customizing window treatments yourself, and put it toward another way to embrace spring energy in your home using other forms of textiles like pillows and throws or a new rug.

Other Ways To Welcome Spring In Your Home

Fal-1007 Turquoise from Fallon by Surya Classic Living Room Blue

Even though the ground has thawed, it’s not always enjoyable to spend more time outside. On days where March is acting more like a lion than a lamb or April showers are pouring down, spring is best enjoyed viewed through a window, especially if it is framed with springtime curtains.

Curtains are not the only change to embrace spring in your home.

Fresh flowers or a small green plant are great ways to incorporate spring changes inside. Other small changes like pillows and throws are a wonderful, cozy way to enjoy the still chilly spring. Or, maybe it’s time to go ahead and look for that missing element that you have been considering even if it is a larger purchase, like an area rug that fills the room.

How will you welcome spring into your home this year? Let us know in the comments!

6 Ways Curtains Bring Spring Indoors

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  1. Wow! I definitely do see the effect of putting up white curtains to make a room feel more relaxing and clean. If I wanted to have one custom-made for my home, I would find a fabric company as my first step. With their help, they can select a great cloth pattern that will complement my indoor decor.

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